Destiny 2: The Warlock is way too strong in Lightfall – Possesses a super that never ends

Destiny 2 Lightfall is finally here and continues the story of the loot shooter after a long wait. Shortly after the release of the new add-on, players found a build for the warlock that is far too strong – because in this build, guardians have a super that never ends.

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Which Super is it? As YouTuber Plunderthabooty shows on his channel, Lightfall has the ability to play the Super Dawn in a way that it never ends. Dawn is one of the warlock’s two Solar Superabilities.

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When the super is active, the warlock wields a sword imbued with solar light. This sword is called “Twilight Blade”. With the Dawnblade, the Warlock can strike and throw solar projectiles at enemies. Also, it can stay in the air longer.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall – Launch Trailer

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Why is the Super infinitely usable? That’s because of the build. You must use the dawn with the Phoenix Dive class ability and combine it with the Dynamo (in the helmet) and Distribution (in the class item) mods. There is also “Icarus Hook” as a solar aspect, which improves movement, as well as “Embers of Scorching” as a solar fragment.

With this build, being near enemies and using the Phoenix Dive will reduce the class ability cooldown as well as the super cooldown when using the class ability.

On top of that, with this build, you deal Burn (Scorch) damage to your opponents with each dive. Each time you singe an enemy, the effect stacks and eventually explodes. You also gain some healing with each dive.

However, it is important that you are always close to an opponent and use the phoenix swoop to keep the super running. When all opponents are dead, sooner or later the dawn will also end.

You can see the YouTuber’s video, including some scenes that show the absurd strength of the Super, here:

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Which build is required? To get the most out of Dawn Treader, you need to play the following build:

  • Necessary mods:
    • 3x “Dynamo” in Helm – Reduces Super cooldown when using class abilities near targets
    • 3x “Distribution” in class item – Reduces the cooldown of all abilities when the class ability is used near targets
  • Required Super and Abilities:
    • Great: Dawn
    • Class Ability: Phoenix Dive
    • Solar Aspect: Icarus Hook – For dodging + better movement
    • Solar Fragment: Scorching Embers – class ability recharges faster when you scorch targets

Is a nerf conceivable? The super is currently extremely strong as it does not end as long as there are enemies nearby. YouTuber Plunderthabooty even advises viewers to play the fun combo before nerfing it. He assumes that a fix could not be long in coming.

The dawn is so strong in the combination that it may even affect the difficulty you have chosen:

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