Destiny 2: Those who use a Dive Secret in Season 21 can loot Tier 7 loot | Discover News

destiny 2: those who use a dive secret in season

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Destiny 2: Those who use a Dive Secret in Season 21 can loot Tier 7 loot | Discover News

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A new secret in Destiny 2 Season 21 provides an option for better loot in the Dives seasonal activity. However, only for players who are familiar with deep diving and how to activate the Toland mini-event. MeinMMO has the necessary insider knowledge for you.

What secret was discovered there? Each season in Destiny 2 not only brings new loot. Sometimes there are also small secrets that cannot be discovered immediately and that are not explained directly. This is also the case in the Season 21 seasonal activity called “Dives”.

  • In the “dives” of the weekly mission, the Guardians dive deeper and deeper into Titan’s ocean to gather energy. Sloane needs this so that she can communicate with the mysterious underwater creature Ahsa.

Here you dive to depths of 1000 m and 2750 m. However, only Wardens who know how to dive really deep to 5000m gain access to better loot and a higher chance for Deep Sight weapons.

To find this secret, all you have to do is pay close attention to your surroundings. MeinMMO tells you what exactly, what difficulties there are and how you can improve the loot from Tier 1 to Tier 7.

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Who calls the darkness gets better loot

How to get the extra loot box in dives: The new secret requires all three players to interact with Toland and “Call the Darkness” twice. This triggers a unique and challenging mini-event in the activity.

Toland can always be found at fixed locations. So if you know where to run to, you can quickly activate the event. Its glowing orb is usually easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

Toland is easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for

By the way, every time you reach the next depth, you have to activate Toland again. If that succeeds, the strength of the challenge steadily increases.

  • Exactly what you have to do is random.
  • Sometimes it’s about standing in luminous pools to purify them
  • Or there will be multiple Taken Rot orbs or domes that need to be cleared quickly.

After that, the new challenge just has to be mastered. This usually consists of killing a bunch of enemies and surviving all waves before the timer runs out. The deeper you dive, the harder and harder the enemies.

There are such secrets events in Destiny 2 again and again – for example on Neomuna:

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What loot do you get for this? Without each Guardian’s interaction with Toland and the Darkness, there is only a normal tier 1 chest at the end of the activity.

However, for completing the special mini-event, all Guardians will be rewarded with more and better loot. Because then a second chest drops at the end of the dive.

  • It is possible to max out loot boxes up to Tier 7 – if you master everything.
  • You also get an increased chance of deep vision weapons.
  • On top of that there is a large amount of reputation rank, over 500, for the sonar station and fishing lures are also plentiful.
  • Materials also drop, such as Enhancement Prisms or Ascendant Fragments

Players have also confirmed on the Destiny Reddit that the Extra Exotic Armor Chest was dropping them.

In addition, it is speculated in Reddit that when the maximum diving depth is reached in Season 21, this additional box could drop the last remaining exo-weapon in the “season of depth”.

The Toland mini-event has 2 major problems

If you can do everything and the darkness calls, you can dive up to 5000 m deep

Matchmaking rarely works: The biggest difficulty of the mini-event is getting every player to interact with Toland – otherwise the chest won’t activate.

This is a huge problem, especially for Guardians who do their dives with matchmaking. Because their teammates are sometimes clueless and don’t know anything about the extra loot. And since Toland doesn’t yell, “Interact with me for free extra loot,” some Guardians miss the chance.

As astorj writes in the Destiny Reddit: “Honestly, I’ve given up trying to get my teammates to understand that it’s a frigging bullet [Toland] gives. […]”

In a humorous video on Reddit, Destiny 2 player SpaceMagicgo captured how strange it is for those who “know” about it:

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Hello? Doesn’t anyone want tier 7 loot?

Players want a ping system: So it’s not that easy to get a random team to activate the option for more loot.

While there is a chat system in Destiny 2 to communicate, whether to enable it or not is up to each player. Also, it is disabled by default on the console.

Basically, it’s just a gamble if you don’t play the activity in a fixed fireteam, without matchmaking, and try to activate the mini-event.

The solution would be a ping system for Destiny 2. Most competitive FPS like Apex Legends, Overwatch 2 and Warzone 2 all have contextual ping options.

In addition, there is the second problem that it is not always possible to master all challenges, since, with increasing difficulty, it is crucial to work together with a well-rehearsed team.

It’s no longer possible to simply jump through it easily and time flies while the players revive each other. As is so often the case, communication is the key to success.

So don’t be put off by the challenge and keep diving deeper to get the Tier 7 crate. Feel free to share this knowledge as well, because the more players know about Toland, the higher the chances for everyone that the event will be activated in every dive.

Were you already among the initiates and knew about Toland and the extra loot option? Or are you facing the same problem of not being able to get your fellow random players to activate the mini-event? Please let us know about your experiences.

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