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Destiny 2: Update is here – All patch notes and information

Today, May 2nd, Destiny 2 is facing scheduled maintenance that will result in a temporary server down. MeinMMO will tell you when, how long and will accompany the server down live.

What you need to know today: Guardians don’t like to admit this, but the regular Destiny 2 server downs that Bungie is using to maintain its space shooter are a nightmare for some.


Even if it is often only a few minutes, a server failure is a thorn in the side of many.

  • After all, you can’t play Destiny 2 during this time.
  • Players also have no access to their characters or stats through third-party apps.
  • There is also no way to meet, raid, or engage in PvP in-game.

So today there is another planned maintenance in Destiny 2, which will lead to a temporary server down. Bungie announced this maintenance to fix various bugs and issues in the game and to improve the overall stability of the servers.

However, MeinMMO remains available during this time and lists the German downtimes and all known problems. As soon as the servers are offline, we will also report live on the server status.

Update history to patch


7:20 p.m.: The update is just out. Have fun with the Guardian Games 2023. But keep in mind that the background maintenance is still running until 21:00 CET, so there could be small outages or error codes. So don’t plan any major challenges until then.

7:00 p.m.: The servers are still offline. Stay tuned for updates

6:20 p.m.: The time has come. Bungie just kicked players out of all activities. The update will now be installed and you have to be patient for a while.


4:00 p.m.: Background maintenance has started. From now on server connects and failures may occur.

Maintenance on 02.05. – All times to the server down

These times are important today: As always, Bungie via Twitter informed of the exact times. This time you have to go 45 minutes without Destiny 2 and also the background maintenance starts earlier and ends later.

Here is the exact maintenance schedule:

  • At 4:00 p.m. German time, maintenance work will start in the background on all platforms.
  • From 6:15 p.m. the servers will go offline and players will be automatically kicked from all activities.
  • Update will be rolled out on all platforms during this time and can be downloaded.
  • Officially, the servers will be back online around 7:00 p.m.
  • Continuous background maintenance will end at 21:00 if all goes well. During this time you can already gamble again.

Important: As long as the background maintenance is running, there may be connection problems in the game again and again. You may also have to expect queues when logging in immediately after the update.

Also, keep in mind that third-party applications and the official companion app may also not be accessible correctly for a while, preventing you from using them.

This changes with Hotfix in Season 20

That brings the hotfix today: The Destiny Player Support team has been hard at work for weeks, fixing bugs to improve the gameplay experience. So mentally crank those wrestling intro songs at full volume and indulge in the pinpointed list of known issues.

  • Audio bug continues to drive Destiny 2 headset users insane.
  • Those who have already purchased the Brazen Spark ship will no longer be able to complete the Last Will and Testament quests.
  • The Mighty Friends and Radiant Light armor mods require at least one armor charge to activate.
  • Twitch Expansion bounty rewards cannot be claimed from the Cryptarch.
  • Some Guardian Games triumphs will activate earlier than intended. This is why the title tab is blinking. These triumphs can be clicked away today after the launch of the Guardian Games.
  • In the Dawn of Sea of ​​Shadows, wiping out in the boss area will cause some enemies and champions to respawn in a previous area, blocking platinum rewards.
  • Vexcalibur Catalyst Triumph does not complete.
  • Upgrading a Masterwork weapon appears to give you +20 to the base stat, when in reality you can only get +10 to the base stat.
  • Using three copies of the same Resistance armor mod makes no difference to using two copies of the same mod.
  • There are reports that Radiant no longer stuns barrier champions. Fire sprites can no longer be spawned by grenade kills.
  • Some players are receiving a “Driver Load Error (1275)” in connection with the BattlEye service.
  • An issue is preventing players from linking their Bungie accounts to the store.
    • Due to this issue, the purchase deadline for the Root of Nightmares raid jacket has been extended to Wednesday, May 3rd at 08:59.
  • Player name changes are not infinitely customizable through Several “Number Guardians” are still waiting here for the option to change their player name again instead of getting the message “You don’t have any name changes available”.
  • Bungie is also investigating the increased occurrence of various error codes in the game.

Patch Notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2

What’s in the patch notes? Bungie publishes the comprehensive list of all changes to Hotfix in the form of patch notes. However, they only appear tonight.

As soon as they are published, we will link them in this article, as this may change later.

What are your thoughts on today’s scheduled maintenance and temporary server down in Destiny 2? Do you think the errors have already minimized and are you happy that Bungie is taking care of bugs and the stability of the game? Or are you one of those Guardians who are annoyed that you can’t play in the evening time during maintenance? Please write your answer in the comments


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