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Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 1/24 – Brings Mega Farm Week for top loot


Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 1/24 – Brings Mega Farm Week for top loot

This week, Guardians in Destiny 2 expect only top loot almost everywhere – and it’s also farmable. MeinMMO tells you what Bungie is bringing to the game and, above all, where it is particularly worth taking a spin.

This is happening this week: Destiny 2’s seasonal story isn’t going any further this week. Only within the last 2 weeks of Season 19 will there be a special final quest and activity for all players.

This week you can therefore focus perfectly on top loot. After this weekly reset, there’s quite a bit up for grabs in three top loot activity.

  • This week, you can farm deep vision weapons in the Deepstone Crypt Legacy Raid.
  • In the dungeon “Prophecy” there are also top weapons to farm,
  • In the Vanguard Dawn, you can also get the 540 Arc Pulse Rifle “Des Horrors MINIMUM” as a master version with a rapid-fire frame.

The raid in particular could be interesting for many players. From now on, you will preferably drop exactly those deep vision weapons whose blueprints you have not yet fully unlocked.

In addition, Bungie has changed the machine gun from the crypt raid on Europa. It’s been rumored for a while that Lightfall could get an MG meta. You can now craft the empty MG “Commemoration” with new perks. The following have been added: “Fast hit” and “Resounding reserves” as well as “Eating frenzy” and “Under pressure”.

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Our weekly reset also tells you what else is going on in the game this week after hotfix However, there are some difficulties with the start of the new week due to the “triumph bug”.

Season 19 has already revealed some exciting content, and Bungie doesn’t seem to have finished revealing more details about Rasputin, the Bray family, and the Traveler. So it remains exciting to see how the transition from the Seraphe season to Lightfall will look like in just under 5 weeks.

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Destiny 2 shows the Season of the Seraph in the trailer – heralds the return of the warm spirit Rasputin

The most important information about activities from 24.01 to 31.01

Vanguard: Dawn – The Crucible

  • The Scarlet Fortresson the moon
    • Hashladun, daughter of Crota, designed the Red Hive Bulwark to harness the energies of the pyramid buried in the abyss below. You are to drive them out of their refuge in Strike and further thin out the descendants of Oryx.

The coveted 540 pulse rifle “Des Horrors MINIMUM” awaits you as a twilight loot. You can also get it as a master version with better values ​​in the “Leader” difficulty.

Playlist strikes have the following modifiers this week:

  • Arc Singe
  • brawler
  • blackout
  • The Singe modifier stays with you throughout the week, the others change daily.

Endgame: Raid challenges and dungeon rotation

This is what happens in the Raid “Königfall”:

In the current raid “Königsfall” the fourth challenge “Under Construction” takes place:

  • In the fourth challenge, “Under Construction,” you may only stop once on each platform during a damage phase in which you are stealing a witch’s aura to generate the runner’s dimensional platforms. After each completed phase, this restriction is reset and you can only stand once again on each platform. If you stand on the same plate twice in one run, the challenge is considered failed.

The following raid requirements and challenges await you:

  • In Normal mode, completing a challenge earns you double the loot.
  • You only get status-specific armor and master weapons from the grandmaster raid.
  • You can also earn the new Oryx-themed raid-exclusive Exotic cosmetics in Grandmaster.

Additional Legacy Pinnacle Rewards from Endgame:

  • The “deepstone crypt” on Europa is active as a legacy raid with a deep vision weapon option.
  • Play the Prophecy dungeon for more top loot.
This is not “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” but the raid view from the Braystation over Europe.

Crucible – This is the PvP playlist:

  • In the Crucible there are big guns when “Team Scorched” is at the start. So grab the Fallen Rocket Launcher and bomb your enemies into the afterlife with it.

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Playlist bonus this week:

  • Lord Shaxx is giving generously this week, throwing in extra Crucible ranks if you’re into PvP.

Weekly Activities

Here are the key activities for this week:

Savathun’s Throne World – Weekly campaEsports Extrasmission

  • “The arrival”
    • This week you can play the first campaEsports Extrasmission on Grandmaster difficulty. You infiltrate a Cabal base on Mars, then daringly investigate Savathun’s ship for any sEsports Extrasof the Light.

Ascendant Challenge – Dreaming City

  • Petra Venj has the 2nd Ascendant Challenge for you this week. You can find Petra and her quest offering at The Shore location in the Dreaming City. Again, Savathun has a hand in this, as the curse starts to take over the holy city of the awakened again at level 1.

Destiny 2 is too easy for guardians – Bungie wants to challenge them again with Lightfall

All sources for pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 19

So that you know where you can effectively grab your top loot, we offer you a quick overview of activities every week.

This is the new max level: In the new season of the Seraph, the maximum power level of your equipment is 1,590. This means that the power level at the start of the new Season 19 has increased by +10 compared to the previous Season 18.

This top loot brings your power level up to 1,590:

  • Top Legacy Raid “King’s Fall” (+2)
  • Top dungeon “Pillar of the Warden” (+2)
  • Raid rotation this week: “Deepstone Crypt” (+2)
  • Legacy Dungeon Rotation “Prophecy” (+2)
  • Accomplished in the Dawn: Trial by Fire with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • Weekly Witch Queen campaEsports Extrasmission with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • “The Wellspring” on Grandmaster (+2) difficulty
  • Complete the Conservation activity in the Darkness Raid Pyramid (+2)
  • “Tests of Courage of Eternity”: Score at least 250,000 points or more (+2)
  • Defeat Mighty Cabal in the exotic mission “Vox Obscura” (+2)
  • Complete 3 Heist Battlegrounds on Legendary difficulty (+2)
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Vanguard Operation strikes with appropriate focus (+1)
  • Hawthorne’s Clan Quest: Earn 5000 XP (+1)
  • Trials of Osiris (+2) – starting January 27th

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Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

Coming to Eververse this week is the 2nd Arc Armor Ornament for Bright Dust.
  • Exotic Sparrow “Win ​​Streak”
  • Exotic Sparrow “M3-D1-Angelos”
  • Exotic weapon ornament for the Trinity Ghoul bow named “Three Fiery Dawns”
  • Dance-Off Exotic Emote
  • Camping Exotic Emote
  • For the Arc armor ornaments you will receive the leg armor this week:
    • Legendary Arc Hunter Ornament “Dynamostrom Pants”
    • Legendary Arc Titan Ornament “Thunderclap Greaves”
    • Legendary Arc Warlock Ornament “Arc Light Boots”
  • Smeared Mustache Legendary Emote
  • Legendary Spirit Projection “Nemean Projection”
  • Legendary Teleport Effect “VEX Assault Arrival”
  • Rare Unique Pose Emote
  • Neopop Wave Shader

Too little shine dust? So many great items, but already running out of Bright Dust? Then check out our tips on how to improve your Bright Dust budget.

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That’s all the challenges from this week. Feel free to write us in the comments what else you plan to farm.

The current adjustments to today’s update in Destiny 2 can be found here:

Destiny 2: Server Down for Hotfix on 01/24. – All patch notes and info

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