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Destiny 2: Weekly reset on 5/30 – The first Iron Banner in Season 21 | Discover News

destiny 2: weekly reset on 5/30 the first iron

The world of Destiny 2 is always on the move, and each week brings fresh adventures, rewards, and challenges. This week, for example, you can expect the first Iron Banner in Season 21. As always, MeinMMO also takes a look at the other highlights of this week.

This is happening this week: The Wardens have charged their lights, the Gunslingers have oiled their weapons, and the Arc Acrobats have charged their bolts. Because this week the first Iron Banner of Season 21 is coming up, and Lord Saladin is calling the Guardians into battle again.


Iron Banner is a regular activity in Destiny 2 that attracts quite a few Guardians into PvP, offering exciting combat and unique rewards. So if you strengthen your skills and reputation in the Iron Banner, you can get reputation and new equipment in Season 21.

  • The Void Grenade Launcher “Ravenswarm” returns with rapid-fire casing. He is a guarantor for high damage numbers with pointed grenades. All other perks are helpful, but not a “must have”.
  • In addition, a new weapon is coming to Iron Banner, which will be a String Fusion Rifle. What it can do, players will be able to discover starting tonight.

Let’s just hope that the Iron Banner doesn’t get too rusty in this wet Season 21.

Also this week, Bungie will continue the new seasonal quest featuring Sloane and her giant fish friend Ahsa, set in the Season of the Deep.


Destiny 2: Season of the Deep drops Guardians into the water

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The most important information about activities from 30.05 to 06.06

Vanguard: Dawn – The Crucible

  • The Corrupted, in the Dreaming City
    • Possibly the most unpopular strike in Destiny is this week. The Guardians thus return to the Dreaming City and are tasked with finding one of Queen Mara’s closest advisors, Sedia, and freeing her from the control of the Taken.

Earn the Dusk Weapon this week: Discord SR4 a scout rifle. You can already earn the master versions in Season 21 from June 13th.

Crucible – This is the rotating PvP activity

  • Both Zone Control and Witch’s Cauldron modes are running in PvP this week.

Endgame: Raid challenges and dungeon rotation

Farmable endgame in weekly rotation: In the further endgame the legacy rotations are waiting. Both the rotation raid and the rotation dungeon are farmable. This means you can complete the individual encounters again and again to receive a wide variety of items and complete your collection. Including possible exotics obtainable in this content.

  • The weekly legacy raid is the “Garden of Salvation” with the “Divinity”
  • Additionally, the Pillar of the Warden dungeon has extra top loot with the Hierarchy of Claims exo-arc

Bungie will continue to expand these activity rotations of content from Season 22 onwards. Then players can play not only raids and dungeons as “legacy”, but also old exotic missions.

Weekly Activities

A number of activities and challenges have been updated again with the weekly reset, giving players a variety of rewards and progression, and making them better Wardens through repetition.

  • In Season 21’s new seasonal activity Salvage, you must face Xivu Arath and a growing threat to give Sloane what she needs.

Lightfall – Weekly campaEsports Extrasmission

  • on the threshold”
    • Travel to the place where the Curruli meditate and come to rest. There should be a lot of strands there so that you can train and develop your skills there. Or so Osiris hopes.

Ascendant Challenge – Dreaming City

If you still need Triumphs from the Dreaming City, then watch out: The Corruption reveals new approaches with a sip of “Queen’s Leave Tincture”.

  • Petra Venj has the 2nd Ascendant Challenge for you this week. You can find Petra and her quest offering at The Shore location in the Dreaming City. Here, too, Savathun has a hand, as the curse begins to reclaim the holy city of the awakened at level 1.

All sources for pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 21

Fish and fish a lot of loot, which also brings in a lot of resources

This is the new max level: In the new Season of the Deep (Season 21), the power level does not increase further. The maximum power level of your equipment that you can reach remains at 1,810 and you can chill and enjoy the new seasonal content without stress and replenish your resources with the fishing activity.

  • In the Lightfall, new Wardens start at power level 1,600.
  • The soft cap is 1,750.
  • The powerful cap at 1,800.
  • With top loot you can bring yourself to the hard cap of 1,810.

So that you know where you can effectively grab your top loot, we offer you a quick overview of activities every week. Here we list the currently known activities that will quickly bring you to the power level cap – if you haven’t already reached it.

This top loot brings your power level up to 1,810:

  • Top Raid “Root of Nightmares” (+2)
  • Top Dungeon “Spirit of the Deep” (+2)
  • This week’s Legacy Raid rotation: Garden of Salvation (+2) – farmable
  • Legacy dungeon rotation Pillar of the Warden (+2) – farmable
  • Earn 200,000 points by completing Dawns (+2)
  • “Tests of Courage of Eternity”: Score at least 250,000 points or more (+2)
  • Complete the exo mission //node.ovrd.AVALON// in the EDZ (+2)
  • Weekly Lightfall CampaEsports ExtrasMission on Legendary (+2)
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches (+1)
  • Hawthorne’s Clan Quest: Give 5 Appreciation Cards to other Guardians (+1)
    • However, this function is currently temporarily disabled due to the clan bug.
  • Iron Banner, from 05/30 to 06/06 (+2)

Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

The Mocked Fortress ornament for Citan’s Bulwark
  • Exotic armor ornament for “Citan’s Bulwark” called “Fortress Taunted”
  • Exotic gesture “knock over the table”
  • Legendary Emote “Agonizing Dance”
  • Legendary Emote “Brilliant Idea”
  • Exotic Sparrow “Externalization”
  • Exotic Ship “The Pallbearer”
  • Exotic ship “Vestian Hawk”
  • Exotic weapon ornament “Chronos Exegesis” for the exo-weapon “No time for explanations”
  • Legendary Ghost Projection “Security Projection”
  • Subjugator Appearance Teleport Effect
  • Shaders: Raven’s Silk, Smoky Gray, Trinity, Serious Success, Copper Token, and Clear

Which Destiny 2 Weekly Reset activities and challenges are you most interested in? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

The challenge in the new dungeon is currently being criticized by some, because the boss is quite lengthy if you want to fight him:

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