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Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 9/13 – The PvP endgame starts this week

For all Destiny 2 Guardians who like to show what they can do in hard endgame PvP, Trials, the Trials of Osiris at Saint-14, start again at the end of this week. But first, the weekly reset brings you a new update to the current story. MeinMMO says what you can gamble this week.

Update info for hotfix Today’s background maintenance for Hotfix also brought a surprising downtime, so the Destiny 2 servers were unavailable for a short time. The update is 201.8 MB on PC. However, the servers are now back online, so you can log in.

We will link you to the patch notes here accordingly as soon as Bungie releases any.

This is happening this week: As always, Season 18 sees a new chapter in Destiny 2’s seasonal storyline for Guardians. The Guardians are primarily wondering what dark secrets Mithrax, one of the main characters in Season 18, is hiding. He is currently struggling to balance the marauder he once was and the leader he is now.

Maybe because he doesn’t want his daughter to think badly of him. And it looks like Eramis, the unfrozen pirate bride from the Beyond Light DLC, might be able to put a spanner in the works.

In addition to the story, players can also increase their power level by completing challenges. At the end of the week, the Trials of Osiris will be added to the normal top loot activities.

After several weeks of abstinence, the PvE endgame returns and lures the elite into sweaty matches for a flawless loot on the prestigious lighthouse. In addition, the Vanguard grants double points for your reputation rank.

What else awaits you, we’ll tell you now.

Destiny 2 trials lighthouse
The place for the trials elite – The Lighthouse

The most important information about activities from 13.09 to 20.09.

Vanguard: Dawn – The Crucible

The Twilight: The Crucible is the Strike:

  • “Disgraced”in the cosmodrome
    • Navôta, the witch and successor to Omnigul, has killed Shaw Han’s fireteam, Cas and Maeve. Deprive the horde in the cosmodrome of their leader again and take revenge – also in Shawn’s name.

This week’s Dusk Weapon: As a reward for your run, you always get a special twilight weapon. In Season 18, Bungie gives you some good old-school options.

  • You can find out which weapon awaits you this week here as soon as Bungie has updated the API.

You will be able to earn the master version (Adept) of the twilight weapons from October 4th. Because then the hardest PvE difficulty in Destiny 2 starts called “front runner”.

Face the witch Navôta this week in the twilight.

Playlist strikes have the following modifiers this week:

  • Solar Scorch
  • Stasis Burn
  • Grounded
  • The Singe modifier stays with you throughout the week, the others change daily.

Endgame: Raid challenges and dungeon rotation

That happens in the raidThe student’s oath“:

  • In the raid of the “Oath of the Apprentice” you should this week the challenge “Basic Information” survive. So if you have collected an icon for the obelisk, you are not allowed to exceed the “Increased Knowledge” buff.
  • As a reward for completing the Grandmaster Raid Encounter challenge this week, there is a chance for a master version of the Submachine Gun Submission, Grenade Launcher Forbearance, Linear Fusion Rifle Catastrophic, or Pulse Rifle Insidious. . But keep in mind that hard and normal mode share the loot.

You get additional top rewards from the endgame:

  • In the Vex Raid “Glass Chamber” on Venus
  • As well as in the dungeon “Crush of Greed”
The “Course of Greed” awaits you! – Will you succumb to him?

Weekly Activities

With Season 18 new activities have come to Destiny 2 that turn the Guardians into pirates with their own crew and let them puzzle over cryptic quatrains.

  • Ketch Crash: Engage in ship-to-ship combat to stop Eramis and her band of pirates from wreaking havoc across the galaxy in this new 6-player activity.
  • Expedition: Compile treasure maps, search for treasure and return to your ship while fending off enemy pirate crews.
  • Pirate Hideouts: Fight your way through weekly missions and loot powerful relics hidden in the pirate lords’ lairs.

In addition, the content of the current DLC “The Witch Queen” is still active and can be played. For example in the weekly repeatable campaEsports Extrasmission.

Savathun’s Throne World – Weekly campaEsports Extrasmission

  • “The ritual” – Repeatable Witch Queen campaEsports Extrasmission
    • You are to be at Throne World on behalf of the Vanguard, for Savathun brought the Traveler there. As you try to free him, you must “play games” with her to reveal to the witch queen the betrayal and last memory of her ancestor worm. Whether that was just part of their plan, you have to decide for yourself in the end.

Crucible – These are the PvP playlists:

  • private match
  • rumble
  • control
  • elimination
  • Glory Survival
  • Glory Survival: Freelance
  • show down
  • conflict
  • Trials of Osiris (Starting September 16)

Ascendant Challenge – Dreaming City

  • Petra Venj can now be found in the dreaming city right on Rheasilvia – as always for the 3rd curse week. At the same time, the 1st Ascendant Challenge is active.

Sources of pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 18

This is the new max level: In the new season of raiders, the maximum power level of your gear is 1,580. This means that the power level at the start of the new Season 18 has increased by +10 compared to the previous Season 17. All players receive the base base power level of 1,350.

How to get free loot: For all new and old Guardians who would like to play in the future or after a break, Bungie has prepared “The Gift of the Thunder Gods” in Season 18.

You can claim this Loot Chest for free in the HELM after completing the New Light campaign. It takes you to a power level of up to 1540 or more – with arc armor and weapons, as well as two exotic and ten legendary items. You can also pick up the rewards once for all your characters.

This top loot brings your power level up to 1,580:

  • Top Legacy Raid “King’s Fall” (+2)
  • Top Dungeon “Duality” (+2)
  • Raid rotation this week: Vault of Glass (+2)
  • Legacy Dungeon Rotation “Drawn of Greed” (+2)
  • Accomplished in the Dawn: Trial by Fire with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • Weekly Witch Queen campaEsports Extrasmission with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • “The Wellspring” on Grandmaster (+2) difficulty
  • Seasonal activity “Ketsch Crash” on Grandmaster (+2) difficulty
  • Complete the Conservation activity in the Darkness Raid Pyramid (+2)
  • “Tests of Courage of Eternity”: Score at least 250,000 points or more (+2)
  • Defeat Mighty Cabal in the exotic mission “Vox Obscura” (+2)
  • Seasonal activity “The Astral Seas” on Grandmaster (+1) difficulty
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Vanguard Operation strikes with appropriate focus (+1)
  • Hawthorne’s Clan Quest: Earn 5000 XP (+1)
  • Trials of Osiris/ Start September 16 (+2)

Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

This week in Eververse, you can claim a Sparrow from the Season of the Haunted called the Awakened Wanderer.

The new Sparrow offer in Eververse against Bright Dust.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can of course spend your luster dust, the in-game currency you can earn, on other things.

Maybe one of these offers appeals to you:

  • Exotic Emote “A Bitter Taste”
  • Gossip Exotic Emote
  • Legendary Count Emote
  • Rare Dramatic Countdown Emote
  • Exotic ship “The Pallbearer”
  • Theoretical Heat Bond exotic weapon ornament for the Coldheart weapon
  • Legendary Ghost Projection “Shatter Projection”
  • Legendary Teleport Effect “Cannon Fodder”
  • Whispering Shader
  • As well as the armguard armor ornaments from Fortnite:
    • Hunter Ornament Eternal Vengeance Claw
    • Warlock Ornament Painted Kitsune Gloves
    • Titan Ornament Knightly Black Gauntlets

Too little shine dust? So many great items, but already running out of Bright Dust? Then check out our tips on how to improve your Bright Dust budget.

Destiny 2: This is how you can quickly get shiny dust in 2022 – because if you don’t want to spend real money, you have to farm

Are you excited for the return of the PvP endgame? Or isn’t the Crucible one of your favorite challenges in Destiny 2? Feel free to leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about it.


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