Destiny 2: Zavala already has a new English voice actor. Who replaced Lance Reddick?

destiny 2: zavala already has a new english voice actor.

Tom Henry

Destiny 2: Zavala already has a new English voice actor. Who replaced Lance Reddick?

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In mid-March we were devastated by the news of the death of the excellent actor Lance Reddick. He is not only remembered for his roles in movies like john wick and series like The Wire, but for their roles in video games. After his death, hundreds of players paid tribute to Commander Zavala, his character in destiny 2and they wondered what would happen to him in the future, if he would disappear or a new voice actor would serve as a replacement for Lance Reddick.

We already have the answer. Through an official blog post by him, Bungie announced that the leader of the vanguard will continue to be a major character in the narrative. They already found someone who will continue to represent them from now on.

Commander Zavala will have the legendary English voice actor keith david since expansion the final form and in the foreseeable future of destiny 2.

Bungie announced the actor who replaced the late Lance Reddick as the voice actor for Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 in English: Keith David.

We remember David a lot from movies from the eighties like the thing and they live. He is also a veteran voice actor who has been in multiple Disney movies and was the voice of Goliath in gargoyles. She also played Spawn. In video games we have heard it in the saga Halo, saints row and mass effect.

We are going to miss the deep voice of Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala in destiny 2but there is no doubt that Keith David will do a fantastic job as his replacement.

Source: Bungie

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