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Diablo 3: Get Flawless Diamond – That’s how easy it is to get the bling

In this quick guide for Season 28, we show you how to get a flawless diamond in Diablo 3.

What do you need the diamond for? In the new Season 28 of Diablo 3, the “Altar of Rites” is the big new seasonal theme. This is a feature that resembles a large skill tree. If you want to unlock different skills there, you have to deposit materials.


For the second unlock you need a Flawless Diamond. And you can already earn it from level 18. We’ll show you how.

Flawless Diamond from level 18 – Locations

How does it work? If you’re lucky, you won’t have to wait until level 18 to find the diamonds. If you meet a jewel hoarder goblin, he can already discard the jewels. However, from level 18 it is easier to get the gems with a high probability.

  • Starts an adventure mode game on Normal difficulty
  • Look for bounties on the Skeleton King, Maghda, Zoltun Kull, Ghom, or Azmodan bosses
  • Once you find one of these bosses with a bounty, kill them and then loot the chest that spawns near the boss
  • From level 18, 1-2 diamonds can spawn in these chests
  • Do this until you have 2 diamonds (if you are lucky you will get 2 diamonds from a box)
  • Now visit the jeweler and in the diamond category choose the option to upgrade the 2 normal diamonds to the flawless diamond
  • Now you can visit the Altar of Rites and unlock the Pristine Diamond Seal there
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Of course, this also works with bounties for other bosses in Season 28. However, the paths mentioned above are quite short. So you can get the loot without spending a lot of time. If you prefer to kill other bosses for it, you can do that too.

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In the video, streamer and Diablo expert Raxxanterax shows how the method works:

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With this quick guide, you can get the Flawless Diamond early in the level phase and use it to progress in the Altar of Rites. Then use our speed level guide for Season 28 to get to level 70 quickly.

Do you know any other tricks to get the required loot for this unlock even with a low level? Then she writes us here on MeinMMO in the comments.