Diablo 4: 1st player to reach level 100 in hardcore dies in the most annoying way – Loses everything | Discover News

diablo 4: 1st player to reach level 100 in hardcore

Tom Henry

Diablo 4: 1st player to reach level 100 in hardcore dies in the most annoying way – Loses everything | Discover News

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A few days ago, twitch streamer cArn_ reached level 100 in Diablo 4 hardcore mode. Now he lost his character and numerous game hours due to a disconnect and has to start over.

Anyone who has ever played a hardcore game mode knows how much time, sweat and effort goes into creating your characters. If you die you lose everything because there is no respawn in this mode.

cArn_ has now also felt the effects of this. He was the first hardcore player to earn a spot in the coveted ranking. And because of a mistake he lost his level 100 barbarian.

Here you can see how you can bring your characters to level 100:

Diablo 4: How to reach level 100 quickly

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One disconnect and everything is gone

How did he die? Actually, he didn’t “really” die at all, as you would expect in a hardcore game. He didn’t die from a difficult boss fight or from many individual opponents who overran him or from the dreaded Butcher.

In a clip from his June 6 live stream, cArn_ can be seen slicing through hordes of enemies with his Barbarian. Suddenly his character is acting weird, twitching, lagging and not responding to key commands. The image freezes and then turns black. cArn_ responds with: “Hello? Are you kidding?”

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In the stream video you can see that he was unable to log in for several minutes. Character creation appears in the following video. It quickly becomes clear: cArn_ no longer has any available characters and must create a new one in order to be able to continue playing.

When he realizes that he has to start over, he responds with “What the hell?” exclamations. He then creates a new character, first a barbarian, but then a hunter.

The official Diablo Account congratulates him. But his character’s death is also mentioned:

“Congratulations, Carndarak. The first to reach level 100 in hardcore mode. The first to be engraved in Diablo history,” writes the Diablo Account.

At least cArn_ was able to secure one of the popular engraving places on the Lilith statue.

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