Diablo 4: All waypoints – We show you the fast travel points on the map

diablo 4: all waypoints we show you the fast

Tom Henry

Diablo 4: All waypoints – We show you the fast travel points on the map

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We help you to travel faster from one place to another in Santkuario using waypoints.

Sanctuary, the game world of Diablo 4, is almost Esports Extrasntic. For the first time in the series, we travel a fully open, cohesive map. We’ll eventually get a mount as the story progresses, but before that happens, we’ll have to walk across the map.

That’s when the waypoints we can fast travel between come in really handy. We’ll help you find them all.

These are all the waypoints on the Diablo 4 map

We recognize the waypoints on the map by a blue, intertwined symbol. We unlock them on our journey across Sanctuary, for example when we explore cities or unlock fortresses.

Our Polish colleagues from GamePressure have created a wonderful interactive map that shows you all the collectibles. Here we have already selected the waypoints for you:

Finding the Altars of Lilith all over Sanctuary is also well worth it. For this you will be rewarded, among other things, with permanent bonuses that are even transferred to your later characters, so that you have it easier with them. Here we help you to find them all:

Diablo 4 started Early Access on June 2nd, and everyone has finally been able to gamble since June 6th. Of course, we won’t leave you alone, but have put together a large number of guides on GamePro.de to make your adventure easier.

For example, you’ll find out when you’ll finally get your mount, what you have to consider in co-op and get build tips for the different classes. In addition, we also explain how you get the Whispering Oboluses and how you can use them (at best) to get legendary equipment. You can find them in our guide section (under “Articles”).

Did you search for a fast travel point in a certain area? What do you think of the huge open world and the travel function?

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