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Diablo 4 and Redfall will use NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 technology

Next week will take place Game Developers Conferencea fair that will take place from March 20 to 24 in San Francisco in which we are going to have a few news related to video game creation technologies and tools which, in many cases, may be present in future games such as new lighting systems, texture smoothing, etc.

Taking advantage of the fact that it will be at this fair, NVIDIA wanted to announce upcoming games that will use DLSS 3its texture rescaling and smoothing system exclusive to GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics and which is capable of significantly improving game performance thanks to the possibility of “predicting” the next images that will appear on the screenrebuilding 7/8 of its pixels to give a more than notable leap in terms of performance.

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He The first of the games that have been announced to have this technology is *text muted* 4, the Blizzard title that is precisely on everyone’s lips due to the early access of its beta this weekend which, by the way, has not been without its flaws although Blizzard already seems to have added them. “Providing smooth gameplay in Diablo IV is a priority for Blizzardsaid Michael Bukowski, Technical Director of Diablo IV at Blizzard Entertainment. “We are excited about Diablo IV’s high frame rate when running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series hardware with DLSS 3.”

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Microsoft also strengthens ties with NVIDIA

On the other hand DLSS 3 get to two Microsoft games (Diablo 4 we do not count it yet because the Activision Blizzard purchase operation has not been closed) starting with he already “veteran” force horizon 5 and continuing with one of the most anticipated releases for PC gamers in the first half of the year, redfallthe new from Arkane of which we learned more details this week and which will also have real-time ray tracing technology.

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In addition, it is likely that DLSS 3 and other NVIDIA technologies coming to more Microsoft games in the futureespecially after both entities signed an agreement for Redmond’s games to reach NVIDIA GeForce Now for the next 10 years, so relations between the two companies seem to be at their best.