Diablo 4 announces its season 2 with a new trailer | Top News

diablo 4 announces its season 2 with a new trailer

Tom Henry

Diablo 4 announces its season 2 with a new trailer | Top News

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With time and margin, Blizzard has announced some of the news that will come to Diablo IV with its second season. Indeed, during the gamescom, the team responsible for what it claims to be one of the most outstanding titles of 2023 offered a preview of what will come to us in a couple of months. Let us remember, then, that each season It will last one quarter and the first one started on July 20.

With this in mind, under the umbrella of the conference, they offered the first details about the aforementioned season 2. First, and most importantly, they confirmed the release date: October 17, 2023. In addition, they revealed that they are going to incorporate new story missions, unprecedented vampiric powers and five additional bosses for the endgame

This is what awaits us in season 2 of Diablo IV

Additionally, minutes later and through his official Twitter account, Blizzard published several images in which he offered even more details of this second season. In addition to confirming that they will add new (and old) challenges in the form of final bosses type endgame, They have expressed that the system of I farm.

At least that is inferred by seeing one of the images and seeing that the rewards will improve after completing certain tasks. They include, in the process, increase the maximum number of potions, skill points, etc. In the same way, they expressed that —finally— they will add one of the most requested changes by the community.

Starting in Season 2, gems will no longer take up space in your inventory and will have their own tab. Similarly, they have detailed (albeit very brieflyve) that the elemental resistance system will be updated along with new dynamics for vulnerability, critical damage, etc. They have also talked about all this and more in the official game blog.

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