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Diablo 4 beta launches with connectivity issues

Yesterday at 5:00 p.m. USAtime, early access began for the open beta of Diablo IV, the highly anticipated new installment of the Blizzard action role-playing game that will be officially launched on June 6 for PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S and Xbox One.

This early access is available until next March 20 for those who have pre-purchased the game and, next week, the real open beta will arrivealthough it seems that Blizzard is going to have to work hard at the connectivity level (which, on the other hand, is what the betas are for) since, as expected, the first bars of early access have come with several errors under their arms.

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And it is that various players have experienced various connectivity issues starting with long queues lasting more than an hour, server crashes, problems connecting to a game or abrupt exits to the main menu while playing, all errors related to the internet connection.

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bug diablo 4

In fact, we ourselves suffered from these failures in an attempt to play the action role-playing game live with you while Blizzard itself has also admitted these errors that some have been reminded of the fateful opening hours of *text muted* 3: “We are aware of various issues affecting Open Beta Early Access, causing long queues and server disconnections. The team is throttling the input speed to the game until the connection issues are fully resolved,” Blizzard comments.

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A beta loaded with content

Beyond these initial problems that we hope will serve to optimize the servers for the final launch, the truth is that this open beta is loaded with content since we will be able to play the entire prologue and Act 1, reach level 25, enjoy random events or visit places like the City of Kyovashad. You have an article with everything you need to know about the beta at this link.