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Diablo 4 Beta: Strong performance on PS4 Pro/PS5 and Xbox, but there is still a PC weakness

Diablo 4's technology is almost angelic.  Okay, we're exaggerating a bit, but she's really good!

Diablo 4’s technology is almost angelic. Okay, we’re exaggerating a bit, but she’s really good!

After the Immortal disaster, which showed the cult Diablo series neither from its playful nor technically best side, the fourth part is about to make amends. Visually, Diablo 4, which is scheduled to be released on June 6, 2023, is reminiscent of previous feats, especially the new edition of Part 2, which was more brutal and darker than the third, more “colorful” offshoot.

Fortunately, Diablo 4 builds on the technical foundation of the sinister 2-series remake and takes advantage of its strengths. This means that the graphics and the performance are really impressive. Blizzard should take a little time to improve.


Nearly flawless on the Current Gen

According to the analysis made by Youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits, Diablo 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series X achieves a resolution of 2160p. However, an image reconstruction technique is used that includes information from previously calculated frames in order to conceal what is actually a lower rendering resolution.

That’s hardly surprising, after all, almost two years ago, Diablo 2: Resurrected only managed native 4K at 30 frames per second in a separate quality mode. Diablo 4, on the other hand, aims for 60 frames per second with increased graphic details and packs that pretty well too!

Both Sony’s and Microsoft’s powerful machines achieve a buttery smooth 60 fps, from time to time, however, there are stutters (increasingly on the PS5) as soon as new areas are loaded:


A trip to Kyovashad is always associated with some loading jerks.  (Image source: ElAnalistaDeBits Youtube)

A trip to Kyovashad is always associated with some loading jerks. (Image source: ElAnalistaDeBits / Youtube)

Does the PC version give any indication of a problem loading textures? Tests of the PC version of the Diablo 4 beta testify to an enormous memory hunger. The title even fills the generously dimensioned memory of high-end graphics cards very quickly and only empties it slowly as soon as new textures have to be loaded, which is why there are delays.

The console version could also be affected, after all, the Diablo 4 beta hardly ever jerks in fights, but primarily when entering new areas.

Diablo 2 Resurrected also acted according to the method, or Diablo 4 also acts in the same way, but only at fixed points instead of continuously in the background. An essential change like this could also be too difficult to integrate three months before the release, which is why we do not expect an adjustment for the release.


Hardly any differences compared to the PC version with maximum settings

One of the videos that ElAnalistaDeBits uploaded to Youtube makes it clear that PS5, Xbox Series X and the PC version are very similar even when using the highest settings on the computer.

You'd have to use a magnifying glass to see major differences between the versions.  (Image source: ElAnalistaDeBits Youtube)

You’d have to use a magnifying glass to see major differences between the versions. (Image source: ElAnalistaDeBits / Youtube)

Only shadows are slightly better resolved on the PC and a native 4K resolution provides a small gain in sharpness. Apart from that, however, the versions are like one egg to the other, in combination with the distanced, isometric camera perspective, a wonderfully detailed impression is created.

This is what the Last Gen consoles and the Xbox Series S can do:

On PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X we have to expect some trade-offs. The generational leap is most evident in the resolution, where only the Xbox One X manages to achieve 1440p at a stable 30 fps.


ElAnalistaDeBits determined the following values ​​for all other platforms:

  • PS4: 1080 at 30 fps with slight drops
  • PS4 Pro: 1188p at a stable 30 fps
  • Xbox One: 900p at 28 to 30 fps
  • Xbox OneX: 1440p at a stable 30 fps

The image reconstruction process used by Blizzard delivers clearly better results on the newer consoles in the higher basic resolutions than in the lower ones of the Last Gen. Diablo 4 therefore looks a lot more washed-out on all older devices:




In Diablo 4 there are worlds between PS4 (Pro) and PS5 in terms of image sharpness.

There are also other losses:

  • Textures are far less detailed
  • Shadows are cast much more blurred
  • Fewer particles splatter around when destroying objects like barrels
  • The number of shadows cast by the environment is reduced
  • Fewer pedestrians are on the streets of cities
  • Lighting moods in interior areas have less contrast
  • The vegetation display is less detailed
  • The protagonist doesn’t always cast a shadow

The Xbox Series S is the link between One X and Series X: Microsoft’s smaller current-gen box is graphically roughly on par with the One X and also scores 1440p, albeit at a fairly constant 60 fps. In complex scenes with many opponents there are short stutters, but if you have a TV with VRR support that adapts its frame rate to the game, you will hardly notice it.

The Open Beta is starting soon!

The closed beta runs until 8 p.m. tonight. An open beta is also planned for the weekend that begins on March 24th. It starts at 5 p.m., but it’s over again on March 27 at 8 p.m. Hopefully the open beta will work with the servers and we won’t have to wait in line for too long!


Did you play the closed beta or are you only with the open beta? What console are you playing on then?