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Diablo 4 Beta: What the hell, this player character looks like Kratos!

Kratos would be amazed to see his likeness in Diablo 4.

Kratos would be amazed to see his likeness in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 may not be released until June 6th, but those who have pre-ordered the game can already start the beta this weekend. For anyone else who is curious, that opportunity will come a week later in the open beta.

Before we go, we can customize our character in the character editor – and while it’s not that extensive, it obviously still offers the best conditions for creating a double of the God of War hero. A fan shows off his impressive Kratos replica on Reddit.


This is what the Kratos replica looks like in Diablo 4

Reddit user AverageSoulsPerson shows a picture of his Diablo 4 character and writes: “My Kratos attempt”. We think this attempt turned out pretty well.

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You can watch the muscleman here:


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The chosen class is the Barbarian. In the editor, after selecting the class, you can choose different pre-made faces and also variations of these. In addition, we can adjust skin and eye color, hair style, beard and tattoos.

However, you should not expect sliders with which we can change the inner and outer curvature of the eyebrows or anything similar. Actually, we might think that this makes it difficult to emulate a character from a certain role model. But at least in the case of Kratos, the presets obviously do it pretty well.

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It’s just a pity that the user can’t take his grim Greek with him into the final game. You can find more about this and more information in our other articles about the beta.


enthusiasm in the comments

In the comment column, other users are also enthusiastic. TheMadScientyst notes, “Try? That’s Kratos. Well done!” Other fans commented very similarly. Bishop147 even claims: “First I had to check if I was in the right sub[Reddit] am.”

How do you like this version of Kratos and have you tried to recreate familiar characters? Or maybe yourself?