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Diablo 4 could get world tier 5 and that might be in it

diablo 4 could get world tier 5 and that might

Diablo 4 could possibly get another world stage.

You can currently gamble Diablo 4 on four different world levels – in other words, difficulty levels. While the bottom two world tiers are available right from the start, you have to unlock tiers 3 and 4 first.

But it may not be the end of it in the future. A dataminer dug into the Diablo 4 files and dug up clues about a fifth world level and even possible new content for this level.

Found image and more on possible World Tier 5

DatamineARPG has documented his or her Diablo 4 discoveries in a fairly lengthy post on


Among other things, this is an artwork for world tier 5 that fits in with the already known for the other world tiers. However, the Dataminer could not find out a name. For example, level 4 is nicknamed “torment”. You can learn more about the existing tiers here.

For this, ARPG has found a placeholder marker that could point to a dungeon that you must first complete in order to unlock the new level.

In addition, with the new world level you would probably have the opportunity to improve your gems even further. There are currently five tiers of Gems: Raw Gems, Damaged Gems, Gems (unnamed), Pristine Gems, and Royal Gems.


ARPG has found evidence of a seventh and eighth level of improvement, labeled “magnificent” and “perfect.” The dataminer could not find any indications for a sixth stage.

How likely is it that World Tier 5 is actually coming?

The existence of these references to World Tier 5 in the data does not necessarily mean that this content is actually intended to be released at a later date. It could just as easily be canceled content that was tried out during development.

But with the service approach, you’re guaranteed to see some new features in Diablo 4. Against this background, a higher level of difficulty and the appropriate opportunity to further strengthen the equipment at least sounds understandable.


What do you think of it: would you be happy about world tier 5 or are you satisfied with the existing ones?