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Diablo 4 Describes the World of Sanctuary in New Video

The next *text muted* 4 of Blizzard Entertainment will have an open beta from March 24 to 26, with pre-purchases getting early access from March 17 to 19. Meanwhile, the development team has released a new video about the game world called Sanctuary.

The sanctuary has five regions: Kehjistan, a desert with wide dunes; Scosglen, inspired by Scotland; Fractured Peaks, based on the Carpathian Mountains; The Dry Steppes, more of a mountainous desert region; and the swamps of Hawezar. Even more impressive is the transition between them. Walking from Fractured Peaks to Hawezar, we will see waterfalls formed by melting snow, entering the large basin that contributes to the swamp’s water.

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The team promises something new around every corner, be it enemies, quests, safe camps, events, resources, or dungeons. The dungeons are also situated to feel part of the world, so Hawezar’s are flooded, Kehjistan’s are filled with sand, and so on.

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More information about *text muted* 4, such as its fortress and armor system, will be revealed in a developer update live stream on February 28. The game will be out on June 6 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. You can watch the video below.

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