Diablo 4 developers will soon reveal more about Season 1: what fans want – and you?

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diablo 4 developers will soon reveal more about season 1:

On Reddit, the community is discussing the expected and desired content for Season 1.

The time has come on Thursday – no, Season 1 hasn’t started yet, but we will at least find out in an info stream when it will start. In addition, the Diablo 4 development team will reveal more about the content and changes that await us in the first season of the action RPG. In a Reddit thread, fans have compiled expectations and wishes. We want to know what you’re hoping for.

  • When does the live stream take place? You can watch the Blizzard stream on July 6 at 8 p.m. German time.

In a Reddit post, user Big-Daddy200 posted a picture of the upcoming developer stream and asked:

Let’s play a guessing game: what’s being announced?

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In the comments, community members not only express assumptions, but also many wishes for the first season. These include Quality of Life improvements, some of which we have already summarized for you.

So the thread creator wishes that the horse cooldown is removed. Other community members, on the other hand, require more space in their inventory or more tabs for a better overview. A gem bag has already been announced, but will no longer come with Season 1.

The desire to be able to reset the entire Paragon board at once instead of just a single point also comes up again.

Fans want new content

Other players prefer to see new content instead. This is how PetCeleste wants”relevant content from level 70 to 100“, but does not elaborate on that. In further comments, more content is specifically requested for Hellfloods, Hellflood-like new events or larger basements.

User r9vzven immediately posts a whole list of suggestions and complains, among other things, that we can’t currently challenge bosses again. The fan would also like to have new levels of difficulty or world levels. There have also been rumors about this.

Also, some fans would also like to see a new class. Here, once again, the paladin is desired, which colleague Kevin would also like to have in the game. But the already rumored Blood Knight is mentioned again.

Now you are asked: What does Season 1 have to deliver?

You don’t have to limit yourself to one choice, you can choose three answers.

Nothing suitable for you? Let us know in the comments what content you absolutely want to see when Season 1 starts.

Above we have linked our overview articles again. In the first you will learn what is generally already known about Season 1, which is scheduled to start in mid to late July. The second article tells you what you can take with you into the season, because while you have to create a new character, you don’t lose everything you’ve earned so far.

Feel free to tell us in the comments why you chose your answers. Of course, we’re also curious if you’re still missing content or improvements that haven’t been mentioned here.

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