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Diablo 4: “Every shop item should be like this in the game” – Players are upset about Battle Pass skins

diablo 4: "every shop item should be like this in

A Battle Pass is both a curse and a blessing – also in Diablo IV. Here the system shows once again how damaging it can be for the perception of the game.

If there’s one thing players never get tired of getting excited about, it’s cash shops and the items they contain. That’s also the case in Diablo IV, largely because the game’s Season 1 was a disappointment to many. The game’s subreddit will now compare the available class sets – namely the free ones from Season 1 and the purchasable ones.


What happened? On the Diablo 4 subreddit, SheWhoHates created a small graphic comparing the special armor skins from Season 1. You can see the two skins from the Battle Pass – free as well as paid – and below them the 22 skins from the shop.

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The point of criticism is clear: The really cool skins cost a lot of money and during the season there were practically only new skins for the classes in the shop.


Every single item in the shop should be in-game, either tied to a boss or to some event or quest. Every time I start the game I find this bitter.

“YungNuisance” replies that those days of gaming are sadly long gone, but ExpertAncient points to games from last year that weren’t: Elden Ring, Remnant, Spider-Man, Zelda, Horizon, God of War or more recently also Baldur’s Gate 3.

Even though the games mentioned are all single-player titles and not live service games, most people find the comparison reasonable – after all, you paid a full price for Diablo IV.

The other side says: However, there are also dissenting voices to these criticisms. For example, “xGAMERDAD07x” believes that there are enough free cosmetics in the base game and writes:


Why doesn’t this show the free in-game cosmetics? Most are far better than [die im Shop]. I couldn’t care less about the paid or free seasonal cosmetics because most of them are just better in game.

However, he is told that it’s all about new skins that came into play with Season 1 – and there’s not much new for those who don’t want to reach for the EC card.

The fact that there are discussions and dissatisfaction around cash shops in live service games will probably never change. But the level of discontent in Diablo IV is quite large. Blizzard can probably only change something if more of the pretty sets can also be earned in the game without having to reach for the wallet directly.

Or how do you see it? Are you satisfied with what Diablo IV offers in terms of available sets or does it need more innovation outside of the shop?