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Diablo 4 fans are annoyed by people who only moan: “Then just play Diablo 2”

Diablo 4 wants to “back to the roots” and is based on the old parts of the series in many respects. But that doesn’t go far enough for certain fans. They kind of want a new Diablo 2 and are causing trouble. But the whole discussion causes even more eye rolls.

What makes Diablo 4 different? Unlike most parts before, Diablo 4 relies on MMO elements. You play with other people most of the time, always fight world bosses with strangers and see other players in the cities.


The most controversial feature is the shared world. Above all, fans of the series are critical of having to share “their” world with others. Others, including myself, say the shared world is the future for Diablo 4.

Nevertheless, Diablo 4 wants to become darker again and be based on old parts. For example, the druid that was last playable in Diablo 2 is finally returning. Runes should also celebrate their return, but are not yet in the game at release.

This is the dispute: Since the first beta of Diablo 4, there have been a number of posts on Reddit from users who are either mad as hell about Diablo or praise it to the skies:

  • some see a blessing in Diablo 4’s new systems
  • the others curse Blizzard for burying old systems and trying new things

Hundreds of users participate in a particularly large thread on Reddit. There it roughly says: If you want Diablo 2, then play Resurrected, but leave our Diablo 4 alone.

Over 800 comments have already come together there. Some agree that Diablo 4 doesn’t want to be, or should be, Diablo 2. If you want to play the old game, you should. Both the original and the remaster are still running. However, the discussion goes on.

Diablo 4 uses the best features of its predecessors. In the overview we summarize the game for you:


Diablo 4 takes the best features from its predecessors – This is how it looks so far

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“People complain about people who complain”

The real problem for what appears to be the largest part of the community is not the gameplay, but the players themselves. The whole discussion is simply tiring for many fans.


Controversy over whether certain details about Diablo 4 are the best or worst at times take up the most space on Reddit. However, there is rarely a differentiated discussion, but usually only a strong opinion without tolerating opposing opinions.

Many comments on the post are correspondingly cynical. It says something like, “Thank you for this incredible and powerful argument.” Others complain that most of the community is made up of people who complain about how others complain.

There is also some agreement, but many comments boil down to the fact that everyone should simply be given their opinion. A part of the community even continues to tear itself apart in the comments, defending the creator or attacking him.


A few users try to mediate or point out that the constant arguing only spoils everyone’s desire to play. The toxic behavior of gamers among each other is the worst thing in gaming. Even weary experts came to this conclusion:

Diablo Immortal expert warns: “You’re destroying Diablo 4 before the release”