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Diablo 4 finally eliminates one of the biggest criticisms of the annoying grind in Season 2

diablo 4 finally eliminates one of the biggest criticisms of

With Season 2, you no longer have to rework almost all of Diablo 4’s reputation.

Diablo 4 is currently in its first season. But thanks to gamescom’s Opening Night Live, we now also know when the second season will start and what it will bring. One of the most important changes didn’t show up on the show though – it removes a pretty much superfluous grind factor from the game.

Diablo 4 lets you take over your reputation with Season 2

Each season of the game you’ll have to start with a new character, but at least you won’t have to start from scratch: you can skip the main mission once you’ve completed it and keep your revealed map and unlocked altars of Lilith.


With the latter, of course, you take a little reputation with every new character. The points that you earned with another character for completing side missions or dungeons, you had to collect from scratch with season characters.

Luckily that will soon be over. In a blog entry, Blizzard presented the upcoming changes of Season 2 in more detail and also revealed an interesting detail:

Completed Renown rewards from other characters now carry over away from the altars of Lilith and map reveal.


This includes: Max Health Potions, Talent Points, Obouse Limit, and Paragon Points.

So if you start Season 2 with a new character, you get a little help right away and can distribute up to 10 additional talent points right at the beginning. This immediately makes the grind that much more enjoyable and means you don’t have to grapple with the repetition of mundane activities.

In addition, Season 2 also brings another innovation that was not part of the announcement:


This is also in Season 2

In addition, of course, new content comes into play with Season 2. Including a new questline, an NPC companion and five endgame bosses. You can watch the Season of Blood in the atmospheric trailer below:

Diablo 4 - The Season 2 Announcement Trailer Season of Blood

start video



Diablo 4 – The Season 2 ‘Season of Blood’ Announcement Trailer

Other quality-of-life improvements have also been announced. This makes inventory management of gemstones easier – presumably the announced gemstone tab is meant here. The elemental resistances and status effects such as vulnerability, critical damage or overpowering will also be revised.

Incidentally, the innovations should not only affect the season, but also apply to characters in the Eternal Realm.


What do you think of the innovation and do you have any other major points of criticism that the game needs to change?

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