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Diablo 4 game time: This is how long it takes you for the story campaign

diablo 4 game time: this is how long it takes

Here you can find out how long it took us for the story on world tier 1 and 2.

During a ten-day test phase in May, we were able to play through the Diablo 4 campaEsports Extrasand can therefore tell you how long it takes you to play through the story once on world tiers 1 and 2.

We also give you a classification of how much playing time you can get out of the action RPG with all the side tasks up to level 50 and also how extensive your adventure through the endgame up to max level 100 could be.


CampaEsports Extrasplaytime (excluding sidequests)

First of all, it should be said that you move through the game much faster on world level 1 (easy) than on world level 2 (normal), since opponents are a much smaller hurdle. The specified playing times reflect “normal” playing. So the story was neither skipped nor rushed through Sanctuary without looking left and right of the paths.

  • Playing time at World Tier 1: about 15-20 hours
  • Game time on World Tier 2: about 20-25 hours

A notice: If you play at world level 2, you will have major problems from act 6 at the latest without side quests, since the monster level increases to 45+ and your character level is well below that. You probably can’t avoid a few extra tasks.

How long each file lasts:

The Diablo 4 campaEsports Extrasconsists of a total of six files, of which you can play the first three in any order – which is possible thanks to level scaling. Here is a rough estimate of how long you need for each act.

  • Act 1: About 3-5 hours
  • Act 2: About 3-5 hours
  • Act 3: About 3-5 hours
  • Act 4: About 0.5-1 hour
  • Act 5: About 3-5 hours
  • Act 6: About 1-2 hours

Game time with all side quests

Of course, if you want to do everything by the endgame, it also depends on which world level you play and how well you get through the game in general. Our assessment of about 50 hours you should therefore not consider measured with a stopwatch, but rather see it as a guide value.

Here’s what to do: If you’ve played the first act in the beta, you know what tasks await you outside of the story. Including over 100 dungeons, strongholds, Lilith altars hidden in the open world, world events and many, sometimes very cool, story side missions.


Playing time up to max level 100 (Endgame)

First of all: During the ten-day test phase, we weren’t able to get a character to max level 100. The following value therefore refers to an official statement by Blizzard, as well as a personal assessment. (via Twitter)

Reaching level 100 will take 150+ hours on average player experience.

Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director

From level 50 you can venture into the dungeon “Cathedral of Light” (Capstone Dungeon) and thus reach world level 3. Consider the dungeon as the first very big challenge for which you have to prepare yourself optimally.


In general, the level of difficulty at world level 3 and even more so at world level 4 increases enormously and you will die more often, leveling is also much slower than up to level 50. You should therefore consider the playing time of 150 hours up to level 100 more as a minimum – unless you are an absolute hardcore Diablo player.

How extensively will you play Diablo 4. Do you only play the campaEsports Extrasor do you also dare to enter the endgame?


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