Diablo 4 ‘gives away’ the 6 rarest uniques to thousands of players and Blizzard only notices the fatal error hours later

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diablo 4 fans are barely enjoying the endgame grind even

A bug in Diablo 4 has given fans tons of uniques.

Unique items are usually among the rarest finds in Diablo 4. Six of these unique items are so rare that they were only found weeks after the release. Many fans probably shouldn’t ever see all of them themselves – at least that’s how it has been until now. Because of an error, the uniques suddenly dropped in droves.

New Diablo 4 patch drops so much rare loot that Blizzard has to pull the emergency brake

In yesterday’s Diablo stream, not only was the start date for the first season of Diablo 4 finally revealed, a new patch was also rolled out shortly thereafter. This was supposed to make farming for unique items easier by now also dropping them in chests in Infernal Tides.

Apparently, this resulted in a completely unwanted buff. Rather than simply introducing a new source of uniques, the patch also drastically increased their drop rate. Many players reported that the six rarest unique items were suddenly appearing in Infernal Tide chests almost as often as Legendaries.

This is what the six rarest uniques in Diablo 4 are all about:

So fans could happily farm uniques for hours before Blizzard noticed the error in the morning and reacted directly. Because a fix would probably have taken too long, the developer has temporarily switched off the drop option for the six rare uniques. They’re not scheduled to come back until a hotfix that goes live later today, as the Diablo 4 Community Manager explains:

“Players will not be able to get any of the six uber uniques until we implement a hotfix, which is expected to go live Friday afternoon Pacific Time. Other uniques may still appear in this chest.”

The patch was actually intended to address many fans’ criticism of the endgame. Since the release in early June there have been complaints that the dungeons are too monotonous, leveling takes too long and there is hardly any good loot.

Blizzard had already improved this with a few updates, but unintentionally overshot the mark with the latest patch – at least to the delight of the fans who played in the hours after the patch and were able to get a lot of uniques. For all fans who haven’t played or slept during this time, this is of course all the more bitter.

What do you think of such slip-ups? And were you able to snag uniques yourself or did you miss the chance?

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