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Resetting a character’s talents in Diablo 4 is supposed to be really expensive. A level 100 player has now picked up his gold and given it a full try to share his insight with the community.

What’s the deal with the reset?

How much does it cost to rebuild a character? User TSXWave reset all of his Paragon points on Reddit. He pays 39,317 gold per point:

  • at level 100 you have 225 paragon points
  • that’s 8,846,335 gold to reset the entire board

According to the community, that’s not so much. It is more annoying that each point has to be reset individually. That costs time and is unnecessary when there can simply be a button for resetting all points, as with the talents.

Incidentally, these also become more expensive the further you level up. If you want to reset all talent points, you pay:

  • 138,098 gold at level 52
  • 2.5 million gold at level 91
  • 4,358,642 gold or 75,149 gold per point at level 100 (via wowhead)
  • that adds up to something over 13 million gold for a full reset at level 100

In the video we explain when it is worth selling items:

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13 million gold for a new build

Although you will accumulate some gold on the way to level 100, you also urgently need it for other things such as removing aspects from Legendaries or reforging items. Especially the latter is quickly in the millions.

In order to get a full reset, you’ll probably need around 1-2 hours of pure farming at level 100, more or less depending on your class and build. You can find tips here:

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by Benedict Grothaus

When is a reset worthwhile? While a full reset is expensive, the gold grind takes less time than pulling a new character to that level. So if you’re short on time but want to try a new build, it can be worth it.

You can find the best builds for all classes in the tier list for Diablo 4 here.

This can be particularly wise if you are already considering builds for your new season characters or want to try them out on the eternal realm first. Because new Legendarys and Co. will also be available on the eternal realm.

But you have to farm gold again in the season. So to test a build, you can already use your equipped “mains” and experiment here before you waste gold in the season. You’ll find more about it here:

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