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Diablo 4: Level Build for Druids – So you level up quickly and easily | Discover News

diablo 4: level build for druids so you level

So that you can get to the endgame quickly with your druid in Diablo 4, we’ll show you a level build that you can use to level up your hero quickly and easily.

What can the class do? The druid is a mystical and powerful mage of nature. He can use his powers to summon storms, transform into a bear or werewolf, or even lead ghostly wolves into battle. But also rocks or plants obey him and so you can manipulate your environment in your favor.


So that you can level up your druid quickly and easily, we’ll show you an effective level build with which you can also push your hero up solo.

Diablo 4: Official trailer from the druid


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Level Build for the Druid – Skills and Tips

The best skills to level: We went for a companion/stormstrike build for the druid. With these two components, you can do tons of damage and benefit from your ghostly counterparts from nature. You need the following talents:

  • Storm Strike – Level 1
    • Improved Storm Strike
    • Grim Stormstrike
  • Cyclone Armor – Level 5
    • Improved Cyclone Armor
    • Preserving Cyclone Armor
  • Blood howl – Level 5
    • Improved Blood Howl
    • Preserving blood howl
  • Poisonous Vine – Level 5
    • Improved Poison Vine
    • Brutal Poison Vine
  • Wolves – Level 5
    • Improved wolf pack
    • Brutal wolf pack
  • Ravens – Level 1
    • Improved Ravens
    • Brutal Ravens
  • Call of the Wild – Level 3

Gameplay Tips: The druid is a little more complex, but powerful once you know how to master it. You have to consider the following rotations:

  • You activate Stormstrike on your opponents
  • Now you use your cyclone armor
  • In boss fights:
    • Activate your wolves and ravens
    • Now comes your blood howl
    • If you have everything on cooldown, continue attacking with Storm Strike. After the end you repeat everything
  • For enemy groups:
    • Activate your grief potion
    • Call your wolves and ravens
    • Use your blood howl
    • If you have everything on cooldown, continue attacking with Storm Strike. After the end you repeat everything

The most important thing you need to know here is that you are essentially playing two builds in one. Wolves and ravens do good damage, but their focused attacks make them more worthwhile against bosses or tough lone fighters.

If you face multiple opponents in the dungeon, the poison tendrils are the best option. They poison your opponents, immobilize them and even increase your critical hit chance. You can also send your animals off if you have enough energy ready.


Cyclone Armor and Bloodhowl are strong defensive talents that give you protection, deal damage, or even give you life if you’re about to die.

General Tips for Fast Leveling: The druid is a bit more complex to master, but it’s all the more fun when you know which buttons to press. However, if you are looking for general tips on how to level up your hero quickly and efficiently, we have the right guide for you:

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