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diablo 4: loot fans miss the nice dopamine kick in

Especially in the endgame, new loot in Diablo 4 often causes disappointment rather than joyful excitement. According to individual players, looting quickly becomes monotonous, the dopamine kick doesn’t happen for them.


  • Diablo 4 players are disappointed with the new endgame loot system.
  • Loot is perceived as monotonous, the dopamine kick is missing.
  • Overflowing inventory is another problem for many players.
  • A Reddit user compares Diablo 4 to Diablo 2 and criticizes the lack of addictive potential.
  • Other players agree and complain about the poor implementation of the upgrades.

On Reddit, a post from July 3rd addresses the loot lottery and the lack of happiness that you get when you find strong items.

For the player “mochinoodz”, looting quickly becomes monotonous. Upgrades have a decreasing benefit, the kick is missing.

A lot of loot is both a curse and a blessing – Diablo 4 players quickly encounter the problem of an overcrowded inventory. Here’s a trick to save a little space:

Diablo 4: With this trick you save inventory space

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“Loot lottery is too monotonous”

What’s his problem? For u/mochinoodz, the addictive potential in games like Diablo 4 comes primarily from getting powerful gear. However, he feels that eventually you have “all the right affixes on all your gear” and the only improvement is in the areas of individual affixes that could be improved (via Reddit).

He also writes: “Decreasing utility with upgrades quickly becomes monotonous and the dopamine kicks diminish the more you play.”

For a little loot variety, you could go in search of the rarest items. We’ll show you what they are and where you can get them:

u/mochinoodz draws a comparison to Diablo 2 in its Reddit post. The game got the “loot lottery” part right. There were more opportunities to experience dopamine kicks – even in the endgame. If Diablo 4 offered similar possibilities, it would be a better game for u/mochinoodz.

Basically he says: In Diablo 2 there were several wins. You could find special things, among others:

  • “Dual Leech Items”
  • “Tri Res Boots”
  • Uniques and set items from Mephisto
  • rare level 87 items
  • runes

In Diablo 4, it’s all jackpot or fail: it boils down to finding an Ancestral Rare, with good affixes. There are no other prices. The itemization is “overrated.”

His criticism boils down to this:

The thing that makes Action RPGs so addictive is the feeling when we find good shit.

Diablo 4 does not bring this kick.

What are other players saying? His post has 1,200 upvotes. Over 1,000 users take part in the discussion, and many agree with him. Tidybloke writes, “Find a yellow item with 3 matching affixes and good stats, then spend 120 million gold to upgrade the 4th stat.” and gets over 570 upvotes.

_MrAdventure_ writes, “The fact that a Unique dagger at level 72 can have worse stats (aside from raw damage) than the one I’ve been using since level 40 just doesn’t make sense. The value ranges are just poorly implemented.” (via Reddit).

This seems to be a core problem with Diablo 4. Some players find the item loot progression satisfying in the early game, but it flags later (via Dot Esports). Some cite the general feeling that there is too much junk in the loot pool.

It remains to be seen whether anything will change in the system. Tomorrow, July 5th, we will learn at least more about Season 1:

Diablo 4: Tomorrow, Blizzard will finally reveal when Season 1 starts and what’s in it – that’s how you watch

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