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Diablo 4 Open Beta: Start Time, Preload, Pre-Order, Rewards and More

Diablo 4 gets an open beta before the official release.

Diablo 4 gets an open beta before the official release.

With Diablo 4, the newest part of one of the most popular action role-playing series will be released in June. Even before the launch there will be a beta for the game in March and we will summarize all the information about it for you.

A notice: This article will be updated regularly as new information about the Diablo 4 Open Beta becomes available.


Last update on March 1st: We’ve updated this article to include all the info from Blizzard’s big blog post.

When is the start of the Diablo 4 Open Beta?

  • Early Access for the Open Beta: March 17th to 19th (pre-orders only)
  • open beta: March 24th to 26th (for everyone)
  • Time: Not yet known
  • Which platforms are participating in the beta?
    • PS5
    • PS4
    • Xbox Series X/S
    • Xbox One
    • Windows PC
  • Preload will be available soon

How can I participate in the Open Beta?

Open to everyone a little later: On the second weekend, the Diablo 4 trial version will be playable for everyone who is interested. But before that, there is already another way to play into the RPG.

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If you want to get started on March 17th, you need to pre-order the game. You have a choice between these four editions – the platform on which you pre-order gives you no advantages. You can choose between four editions of the game:

  • standard edition
  • Digital deluxe edition
  • Ultimate edition
  • Limited collectors box

Everyone offers access to the beta, we will break down the differences between the editions in a separate article:

What content can I play in the Diablo 4 Open Beta?

Meanwhile, Blizzard has announced what you can expect in the game. So you can level up to 10 characters to level 25 on both weekends. For that you have the prologue and the first chapter as well as the first zone “Shattered Peak”.

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These classes are available to you:

  • barbarians
  • Hunter
  • wizard
  • Druid (only from March 24th)
  • Necromancer (only from March 24th)

Diablo 4 trailer shows all 5 areas of the gritty open world


Diablo 4 trailer shows all 5 areas of the gritty open world

Co-op already possible: In the open beta, in addition to online co-op, you will also get the opportunity to enjoy the game in couch co-op. Only one person needs access and the other only has to log in locally with their own account. If you play together, you will also get 10 percent more bonus experience – if you are close to random players, then it is at least 5 percent.


You should definitely join a group though, because there’s also a world boss waiting for you in the beta. So far, however, there are no more details.

These are the rewards for playing the beta

Of course, it should also bring you something to play the beta so extensively. That’s why Blizzard gives you the following if you meet the conditions for it:

  • Player Title “First Slain”: Reach Kyovashad with one character.
  • Early Explorer Player Title: Reach level 20 with one character.
  • Cosmetic item Beta Wolf Pack: Reach level 20 with one character.
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This cute wolf could be yours if you play a lot in the beta.

This cute wolf could be yours if you play a lot in the beta.

Diablo expert Stephan Zielke was able to play part of the beta last year and these are his impressions:


Diablo 4 is scheduled for release on June 6, 2023. The title will be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The alpha build was already well received by the testers last year, which many see as a good sEsports Extrasfor the full version. As soon as the Open Beta for Diablo 4 starts, you will be able to see for yourself.

Will you be playing the Diablo 4 Open Beta?