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Diablo 4 player gets to level 100 first in hardest mode and dies due to annoying server disconnect

diablo 4 player gets to level 100 first in hardest

This story has an unexpected ending.

In Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode, a single death is enough to kill a character forever. The challenge of getting one of the classes to the maximum level of 100 in this permadeath mode is correspondingly great. If the character then dies from a server disconnect at this brand, it’s more than annoying.

Annoying death after impressive performance

Streamer Souaïb ‘cArn’ Hanaf was recognized by Blizzard as the first person to level a hardcore character to 100 (via PCGamesN). A mature performance, but then came to an abrupt end.


In the Twitch clip, we can see that the streamer’s barbarian is doing really well, plowing through a group of enemies. Then the game suddenly hangs, the picture freezes, the streamer already suspects something bad and is right:

He flies off the server and, as PCGamesN reports, takes a while to reconnect – only to find that he doesn’t have an available character. The mighty barbarian was simply finally killed by a vampire bat during the disconnect.

In addition to the character and the 82 hours, the player has also lost his hard-earned strong equipment.


Things can quickly go wrong with a permadeath character, even for really good gamblers. Another player lost her character through a glitch. But the always-on component in particular makes the whole thing a little more unpredictable. There have been other reports of deaths from server disconnects on Reddit.

The fact that the connection to the server is disconnected without warning can of course happen from time to time and for various reasons. Then there’s always the possibility that the game will continue and something will happen without us being able to fight back or even see what’s beating up on our characters.

Do you play a hardcore character and are you worried about these issues?