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Diablo 4 Quest Over: Here’s What The Best Hidden Super Rare Unique Looks Like

diablo 4 quest over: here's what the best hidden super

The search for the six super rare Diablo 4 items is over.

Just a few hours ago we reported to you that the ‘Ring of the Starless Skies’ was the fourth of six super rare unique items found in Diablo 4. Now the search is over, as reported by the Icy-Veins site.

Found recent uniques in Diablo 4

These items are meant: Found the unique sword called bringer of doom (Doombringer), as well as the unique amulet called ‘Melted Heart by Selig‘ (Blessed’ Melting Heart).


Blizzard presented the six rarest items in Diablo 4 just over a week ago, prompting a major search within the community.

Here is the proof:


Location of ‘Melted Heart of Blessed’

According to a Reddit thread, the last unique item was found by a Chinese Necromancer player (see image above).

Location was the nightmare dungeon Blind Caves/Blind Burrowswhich is generally considered the best dungeon for solo players to farm experience points.


The Icy-Veins site rumors that the fact that the unique was found so late could be due to the values ​​of ‘Melted Heart of Selig’. The amulet’s stats, while good, aren’t exactly impressive, which is why many may have overlooked the item without realizing that it’s so rare.

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These are the 6 unique items in Diablo 4

The six rarest items in Diablo can be wielded by any class and they are:

  • bringer of doom (unique sword)
  • The grandpa (unique two-handed sword)
  • Ring of the Starless Skies (unique ring)
  • Andariel’s countenance (unique headgear)
  • harlequin crown (unique headgear)
  • Melted Heart by Selig (unique amulet)

How can I find the unique items? According to Blizzard, the equipment drops from a power level of 820 and from enemies that are at least level 85. So you have to be in the endgame of Diablo 4 to have a chance of finding it.

Have you already found one of the uniques yourself and would you have thought that finding all six items would be so quick in the end?