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Diablo 4 reveals its season system: content, season pass…

Despite Blizzard is not at its best, fans of PC video games and, more specifically, of *text muted*they still have their sights set on *text muted* 4the new installment of the saga that the American studio seems to be taking very seriously, publishing very detailed information on the title, its gameplay or its content on a quarterly and punctual basis.

The last report they published a few hours ago focuses on the already well-known seasons of *text muted* that are already present in *text muted* 3 Y Diablo 2: Resurrected and that too will be available in Diablo 4 to offer us a persistent service with this ARPG, regularly updating it with new content in the form of these seasons.

In *text muted* 4 the seasons take as a model those of *text muted* 3. When one of them begins, the characters from the previous one move to the eternal kingdom so that we can continue playing, but if we want to participate in the new season we need to create a new character from scratch with which to test all the content and characteristics of the season, something with which, together with the limitation of the legend points, it seeks to guarantee that the power of a character each season is based on the effort and skill of the players.

New content, gameplay changes, improvements and events

According to Blizzard itself every season of *text muted* 4 include a novel gameplay feature and a new quest chain with new challenges and possibilities to level up, in addition to allowing us to discover more things about Sanctuary on a narrative level, meet new characters or see old acquaintances again.

In each season also changes and adjustments will be made in the metagame, looking to balance classes, builds, and powers, as well as seeing new unique and legendary items, legend panels, glyphs, and other items. In addition, after each season Blizzard ensures that going to identifythose practical facets of the gaming experience that can be improved and we will invite the community to vote on their priorities” to take into account for future seasons.

Another key point will be live events, since each season will have different events. According to Blizzard “A couple of good examples might be a weekend-long drowning invasion or the appearance of a mysterious new peddler among the peaks of the Grim Steppes.“.

Journal and Season Pass

Within each season too we will have the Season Diary, which will be free for everyone and will allow us to complete objectives and chapters to obtain various objects. Is about an element similar to the classic basic battle pass and free that we have seen in other video games and that allows us to obtain rewards just for playing.

On the other hand, we have the Season Passan element that allows us unlock higher static rewards as we play. As we say, we will have the typical free aspect and a paid one with greater visual rewards that “will not offer advantages in terms of gameplay” focusing on aesthetics with cosmetic objects and premium currency that will allow us to buy skins, suits or skins for weapons, armor. or higher rarity characters… without granting buffs on items.

In fact, the only exception of reward that can affect the playable level are free season boosters for example, will give us a bonus to experience obtained to level up faster. Since these power-ups affect gameplay they will be free for everyone.

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