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Diablo 4: Season 1 introduces long-awaited loot change so you finally get less scrap

diablo 4 fans are barely enjoying the endgame grind even

Finally no more useless level 100 items – at least that’s what the Diablo 4 innovation promises.

With the start of the first season, Diablo 4 gets all sorts of new features. It also addresses a criticism of many players that affects the level of equipment: So far, the items found correspond to your own level, which makes many of them just useless scrap. But that should change soon.

Certain Diablo 4 loot gets max level

So far, you’ve always found items at the level your character is at, so you can equip them immediately. So if you have already reached level 100, you will only find equipment with this character that can be worn from level 100 onwards.

As Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora revealed to the GameStar colleagues in an interview, this is now changing for sacred and bequeathed items. These are rare and particularly powerful variants of items, which then have more affixes and a higher power value. With a bit of luck, you can find these variants for normal, legendary, and unique gear.


With the innovation, these rare finds now get a maximum level. That means: The level you have to have to wear the items now only scales to a certain extent with your actual level with:

  • Sacred Objects drop with a maximum of level 60
  • Legacy Items (Ancestral Items) drop with a maximum of level 80

Why is that important? Currently, item level requirements are completely separate from their power value. The latter indicates how good the gear actually is, while the former merely limits which characters can wear it.

So if you find an item at level 100 that would be of use to your level 70 character, you still cannot pass it on – because the item has a level requirement of 100. In the endgame you effectively get a lot of scrap.

However, this will soon change with the new maximum levels for holy and bequeathed items. If you then find these rare items at level 100, you can easily bequeath them to your other characters or give them to friends. The only requirement is that they must then have reached level 60 or 80.


Of course, this is of little use to your level 100 character itself. But at least Piepiora has promised that Blizzard is working on further changes.

What do you think of this innovation, is it enough to make looting in the endgame more palatable?