Diablo 4: Season 2 brings a change to Uber-Uniques that was long overdue

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Diablo 4: Season 2 brings a change to Uber-Uniques that was long overdue

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Soon we’ll be able to search specifically for the extremely rare Uber Uniques in Diablo 4 again.

Blizzard just revealed the start date of the second season in Diablo 4 at gamescom’s Opening Night Live: From October 17th we can plunge into the so-called Season of Blood. This brings, among other things, a new quest line, an NPC companion and five new bosses.

But there is more hidden among the innovations than the first trailer reveals. Including a change that finally lets us farm uniques and the extremely rare Uber uniques properly.

Season 2 brings back targeted farming to Diablo 4

Although good loot is one of the most important things in Diablo 4, many players do not even try to get one of the extremely powerful Uber Uniques. The reason for this is simple: the drop rate is so low that the chance of finding one of the unique items is almost zero.

That should at least get a little better with the second season. In a blog entry, Blizzard presented the planned changes in more detail, revealing an interesting detail. So it says there:

The Season of Blood brings […] five new endgame bosses with the ability to drop target specific uniques and uber-uniques.

For all loot hunters, this is a long overdue adjustment. Although this does not directly increase the drop rates of the unique items, if the pool of possible rewards is smaller, you have a better chance of getting an item that you really want.

How exactly targeted farming will work has not yet been shared by Blizzard. To all appearances, it is linked to the five new endgame bosses.

What else is Season 2 about diablo 4 brings, the trailer shows:

Diablo 4 - The Season 2 Announcement Trailer Season of Blood

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Diablo 4 – The Season 2 ‘Season of Blood’ Announcement Trailer

Targeted farming has existed before… for a few hours

A few weeks ago, Blizzard introduced the targeted farming of unique items in Hell’s Tides with a patch, but it didn’t go as planned at the time.

Overnight, fans were able to get hold of several of the otherwise ridiculously rare Uber uniques, so that the development team pulled the emergency brake after a few hours. For a short time, the Uber Uniques were even completely taken out of the game to remove targeted farming.

Do you dare to hunt for the unique items with Season 2?

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