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Diablo 4: Switch Weapons as a Barbarian – Here’s how

In the Diablo 4 Open Beta, many players are wondering how they can actually switch weapons – this is a special mechanic from the barbarian. MyMMO helps.

How do I change my weapon? Basically, you can’t really switch weapons. Instead, your character automatically equips a weapon as soon as you activate an associated skill – at least for the barbarian.


It’s similar with druids: you automatically assume the form you need for an ability.

Why do I have to change weapons? Barbarians have as a unique class mechanic that they can carry 4 weapons that they need for different abilities. This results in tons of build possibilities.

All you have to do is ensure that you have an appropriate weapon equipped in your slots, otherwise the associated ability will not work. Select the weapon in your inventory and drag it to a slot or equip it with a button.


Remember that you gain expertise with each type of weapon. It can therefore be worthwhile not to use different weapons too early, but to first commit to one type – such as two-handed axes. Look closely at what type of weapon you want to level up.

If you have just started, you will find tips on MeinMMO for quickly leveling up to level 25, so you can quickly reach the max level in the beta.

We recommend a powerful Bleeding build for the Barbarian. Gameplay for the brutal class can be found here:


Diablo 4: Beta Gameplay – Barbarian

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If you want to continue experimenting with the barbarian or another class, you can equip yourself with legendary items in the beta. We have already selected the 3 best farm spots for Legendaries and upgrade materials for you.

You should definitely visit the world boss Ashava as soon as he appears. In the beta, the drop rates for legendaries are significantly increased, allowing you to get 5 or more items per kill.

The beta runs until March 27th at 9:00 p.m. German time. If you get bored with the barbarian or if you have already tried everything, you still have enough time to look at other classes. You can find information about all 5 classes from Diablo 4 in our overview:


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