Diablo 4: this big change that you probably missed

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diablo 4: this big change that you probably missed

Blizzard continues to release updates to make Diablo 4 even better and meet players’ expectations. This big, unnoticed change will make people happy.

Diablo 4 was clearly one of the most anticipated games of the year. If the press and players were satisfied by hack’n’ slash at its launch, the story has been different since the launch of season 1. Discontent has risen because of the imbalances, a large part of the changes made by Blizzard didn’t like it at all. Before the arrival of season 2, the studio is trying to save the furniture with major updates. The last one deployed in went rather unnoticed, but it nevertheless changes a lot of things.

A surprise hotfix for Diablo 4

Update 1.1.4 launched by the studio a few days ago already brought some welcome changes and fixes. A few days later, Blizzard discreetly deployed an additional hotfix that went under the radar and yet, it adds some welcome changes that should make life easier for players deep in XP farming. The experience gained in world level 3 is in fact increased by 5% and up to 15% in world level 4. The patch also corrects a bug this time rather to the disadvantage of the players, because it resolves a problem ” where the seeds of hatred could be acquired at an excessive rate in some cases “.

These seemingly minor changes can really improve the gaming experience. Diablo 4 players may have already taken advantage of them without realizing it. In any case, Blizzard is doing everything to make grinding easier, since the total experience bonus for the Urn of Aggression seasonal blessing had already been increased from 8% to 20%.

This little patch is certainly the very last before the long-awaited launch of season 2 of Diablo 4, which will be called the Season of Blood. Your objective will be to accompany Erys “ in his fight against a new deadly scourge that threatens Sanctuary “. The season will also introduce five new endgame bosses and make adjustments to damage mechanics and the elemental resistance system. This time, let’s hope that the changes made by Blizzard are well received by the community. Remember that Season of Blood will be available from October 17 on consoles and PC.

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