Diablo 4: Twitch Streamer Says “If You Can’t Afford A $70 Game, You Need To Get A Grip On Your Life” | Discover News

diablo 4: twitch streamer says "if you can't afford a

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Diablo 4: Twitch Streamer Says “If You Can’t Afford A $70 Game, You Need To Get A Grip On Your Life” | Discover News

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The streamer Arsengold is considered a luminary on Twitch for games like World of Warcraft or Diablo 4. But he also represents the typical “American way of life”: people should kindly not behave like that and help themselves. You make your own luck. He has no sympathy for gamers who are upset about the expensive prizes of video games.

This was the situation:

  • Last night, or from our perspective this morning at 7am, Asmongold was still hanging out on Twitch showing Diablo 4 and chatting longer with his viewers. There was a lot of criticism of Blizzard and Diablo 4 in his chat.
  • It was about the decadent prices of the Diablo series after Diablo Immortal and that Blizzard canceled Overwatch’s PVE mode. Asmongold agreed with some of the criticism. But also noted that people are now so keen to criticize Blizzard that they overdo it with some criticism.
  • He said: Some people just want to be skeptical because it makes them seem clever.

Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?

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Asmongold Shows Steam Library – Games After 40 Hours Are “Worth Your Money”

What sparked the discussion? Asmongold said he doesn’t care if Blizzard ruins Diablo 4 after release. He’s so hot for Diablo 4 that he’ll be looking for it for a month, so he’ll have “the money back for what he put in.”

He then showed off his Steam library and wanted to showcase games he’d only played briefly but were worth the money. Games like Cuphead or Hades, which he played through once and then never touched again.

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Asmongold rebukes viewers: Stop watching 3am streams if you don’t have money

A user in the Twitch chat then writes: “You have to be a millionaire to be able to say something like that.”

Asmongold then got serious:

“You think you have to be a millionaire to buy a $70 game? Bro, let me be honest. People may not want to hear it, but it’s the truth. If you can’t afford a $70 game and you live in the US or a 1st world country, your least concern is the price of video games.

You need to stop thinking about video games. You have to stop watching streams at 3am. You gotta get your shitty life in order. And why do I know this? From experience. I was in this exact situation and did exactly that.

How is this discussed?? Like much of what Asmongold says, the statement is controversial. People who share his views agree: the median income in the US is over $31,000 a year – the roughly $100 per game wouldn’t matter. In addition, the prices for video games have been stable for decades.

Anyone who sees Asmongold critically says that the “go to work and grind” attitude bothers him. Others say it’s a typical “streamer take”. Because of all the money probably a bit unrealistic.

That’s behind it: From many hints one suspects that Asmongold comes from relatively difficult backgrounds and has come a long way. He had to interrupt his planned education to care for his chronically ill mother, who suffered from COPD, a respiratory disease (via svg.com). He also started streaming at the time and had extreme success. That’s probably where his self-image comes from.

How far he changed his life compared to before is not known. Apparently he switched from “watch streams at 3 a.m.” to “do your own streams at 3 a.m.”.

However, it seems questionable whether he really has his life under control:

Twitch streamer Asmongold reveals how to get rid of annoying overnight guests so that you can play WoW again in the morning

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