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Diablo 4: What do you think of the Season Pass and the in-game shop?

In the quarterly report from August 2022, Blizzard spoke in detail about Diablo 4. In addition to an explanation of how the individual seasons will work and what content and improvements you can expect, the studio also wrote in detail about the planned monetization model of the action role-playing game.

Roughly summarized there should be a season pass for each quarterly season, which is divided into a free and a paid route, with the premium route logically offering more and better rewards than the free counterpart. For example in the form of cosmetic armor and currency for the in-game shop. Experience boosters, on the other hand, should only be available in the free part of the pass. The in-game shop also wants to start with a similar focus. here you should only be able to buy cosmetic items and no game improvements.

If you’re interested in what else was in the quarterly update, you can find more information here:

Blizzard talks Seasons, Shop and Pay2Win concerns


diablo 4

Blizzard talks Seasons, Shop and Pay2Win concerns

Of course, all the comment columns and social networks are already running hot with opinions, concerns and hopes about the announced shop and season pass. Many fear that Blizzard, like the free-to-play offshoot Diablo Immortal, will turn almost every game mechanic into a monetization option, which will ultimately have a massive impact on the fun of the game, as Maurice also criticizes in his video.

That’s why we want to take this opportunity to ask you guys about Blizzard’s Diablo 4 plans: What do you think? Do you think the focus on purely cosmetic items is okay or does it bother you that there are such options in a game that is not free-to-play on the market?

Your answer option is not included? Do you want to expand on your choice? Then write us your detailed feedback in the comments. What do you think of Blizzard’s monetization plans for Diablo 4? And gives it in your eyes fair or reasonable model for Diablo 4? We are looking forward to your opinion.

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