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Diablo 4: Which of the three classes from the beta do you like best?

In the Diablo 4 pre-order beta, you can try out the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Huntress classes. Which one do you like best?

You can vote here: You can make your choice in the poll box below. Anyone can cast a vote and the choice cannot be undone.


Let us know why you voted for each class in the comments. What is your personal fun ranking for the three classes? Will you be taking one of these as your main class at release?

These are the pre-order beta classes: During the first beta weekend, pre-orderers could test 3 of Diablo 4’s 5 classes, covering different playstyles:

  • The barbarian is a physical hand-to-hand fighter who smashes his opponents with powerful attacks. He can equip up to 4 different weapons: two-handed club weapon, two-handed blade weapon and 2x one-handed weapons. These are required for the execution of his abilities. As a resource, they use Fury in battle.
  • The sorceress is a magical ranged class that rules over the elements of ice, fire and lightning. She can rain down meteors and thunderstorms on her opponents, or alternatively summon a Fire Hydra to assist her on the battlefield. The Sorceress’ abilities can also be modified by enchantments.
  • The hunter is a hybrid fighter who excels in both close and long-range combat. She therefore uses either swords, daggers, bows or crossbows. She can also apply various effects to these weapons, such as poison, ice, or shadow, to inflict even more damage.

The classes are not gender-locked, but can be both male and female. You can also create your own hero or heroine, whatever you like best, in a detailed character editor.

Next week, from 24.3. until March 26th, all 5 classes will be playable. Then you can also try the Druid and the Necromancer, which have proven to be the two most popular classes in the MeinMMO community:

Diablo 4: All classes in the ranking – from unpopular to popular