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Diablo 4: Wizard Build shocks enemies and bosses, perfect for leveling

The Sorceress is a class with huge damage potential in Diablo 4. MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus tested a shocking Blitz build in the beta, with which even bosses are a breeze.

The Diablo 4 beta is still running, in which I’m getting a first overview of the different classes in the game. Having really enjoyed my rogue build for the Huntress, I decided to give the Sorceress a try.


After I actually wanted to try a fire build, but it didn’t really work, colleague Maik Schneider pointed out the lightning skills to me.

And oh boy! The build is banging. I sizzle my way through opponents without any problems and even melt away bosses in no time – and I’m still missing even the best Legendaries. The build works great even when leveling.

You can find information about all 5 classes from Diablo 4 here. You can see what the build looks like in action here, in the video colleague Anna Alberg takes a fortress:


Diablo 4: Sorceress with Shock build against Malnok Base


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Sorcerer Build for Diablo 4 – Skilling and Legendaries

  • Huge damage output against single targets
  • No problems with smaller groups
  • Cookie Cutter build for leveling, solo and group play
  • Easy to master
  • Also works without Legendaries
  • Weak against large hordes of enemies
  • No defense
  • Requires lots of exercise

The most important skills (at level 25):

  • Spark: 5/5
    • Improved spark
    • Flickering spark
  • Chain Lightning 5/5
    • Improved chain lightning
    • Destructive Chain Lightning
    • instead: Big chain lightning (during boss fights)
  • Teleportation 1/5
  • Lightning Spear 5/5
    • Improved Lightning Spear
    • Summoned Lightning Spear
  • Static discharge 1/3
  • Unstable flow 1/1

If you get extra skill points or find skills on items, you should try to maximize Static Discharge and Invigorating Compound, or upgrade your Unstable Current.

The Sorceress’ special class mechanic allows her to choose enchantments that enhance her abilities. Uses the passive effect of Chain Lightning as an enchantment here.

You need these legendary aspects:

  • Unbroken Chains: Chain Lightning jumps more often
  • Aspect of the Expectant: When you attack enemies with basic skills, the damage of the next basic skill increases by 5% (up to a maximum of 50%)
  • Shattering Energy: Lightning Spear has a chance to summon another Lightning Spear
  • Swift Aspect (optional): Basic skills gain increased attack speed
  • Aspect of Efficiency (optional): Basic skills reduce the mana cost of the next basic skill
  • Tranquility (only in groups): You deal more damage when standing still
  • Charging Aspect (vs bosses): Chain Lightning grants mana when it bounces off you

Most of the aspects are not guaranteed to be obtained in the beta as they drop in dungeons in Scosglen. With luck, you can find the relevant items while farming. A good source is the world boss Ashava.

Gameplay and Playstyle

How to play the build: You deal the most damage with Chain Lightning and Lightning Spear, which you increase power with other effects. This works like this:

  • Use Unstable Current on cooldown or on particularly tough enemies
  • Attack single enemies with Spark up to 10 times to create Crackling Sparks and empower Chain Lightning
  • Use Chain Lightning to create more Crackling Sparks
  • Collects Crackling Sparks that appear on the ground – continues to attack as you run
  • Use Lightning Spear on cooldown, preferably with 5 stacks of Summoned Lightning Spear

The core mechanics of the build are the passive Crackling Sparks. Collecting these will further enhance some of your abilities, and the sparks will discharge to damage nearby enemies. This makes you a mortal danger yourself.

With teleportation, you can quickly reposition yourself if things get tight, or collect Crackling Sparks. If you fight bosses or individual opponents, don’t stand too far away so that the chain lightning can jump between you and the opponent.

For more advice on the individual classes, you can find more information here:


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