Diablo 5 will arrive sooner than expected, Blizzard says

diablo 5 will arrive sooner than expected, blizzard says

Tom Henry

Diablo 5 will arrive sooner than expected, Blizzard says

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Diablo 4 is a hit and continues to update quietly. Fans are ecstatic and should certainly be happy to hear that the sequel will arrive sooner than expected.

A real success, Diablo 4 has been a favorite with Blizzard since its release, failing to achieve unanimous player approval since the deployment of its season 1, despite the few patches that followed to try to correct the situation. Even though the voices have been raised, Diablo 4 remains a success and a very played game that is still a hit, where many games would have already suffered the post-launch hemorrhage which generally sees the number of players drop visibly. , even very suddenly.

Diablo 4 is shaken, but far from down

Either way, Blizzard can count on an army of loyal fans who swear by the franchise, not to mention hack’n slash lovers who don’t have much new to eat at the moment. Path of Exile 2 not being ready to be released yet.
Diablo 4 is therefore currently the place to be for fans of the genre, and the franchise has also never been as popular as it is currently. This fourth opus has not become the game of all records for nothing. The curious and the neophytes jostled at the gate at the launch and still now. Blizzard has greatly increased its fanbase and it knows it very well. He also intends to keep his foal alive as long as possible by always bringing more novelties to it over the coming seasons. Very large DLCs are also planned in the more or less distant future.
But now, the studio is planning even further and is already talking about the sequel.

Diablo 5 will arrive sooner than expected

If Blizzard is not yet at the stage of already embarking on the development of another episode, it is still aware of the fact that it will happen. Players know that too. It remains to be seen when, since as a reminder, Diablo 3 is almost a decade apart from Diablo 4. It’s huge. But let the fans be reassured, you won’t have to wait that long to play Diablo 5. In any case, that’s what Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard, suggested in response to one of our colleagues. on Twitter which reacted on the game. Ybarra affirms in his tweet that in the future, we will not have “no more waiting so long between titles. We have lots of things coming to Diablo 4 and beyond! ». Mass has been said.

Once again, Diablo 5 is clearly not for right away, but it’s still rather encouraging news. If Diablo 4 is made to last, it will certainly not live as long as Diablo 3 since the next episode will arrive much sooner. It’s not so bad after all. Anyway, for the moment, all the attention is focused on Diablo 4 which continues its season 1 quietly. We still have time to see it coming.

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