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Diablo: a big novelty for the license never seen in 10 years

diablo: a big novelty for the license never seen in

Lovers of the Diablo license will be happy to learn that their favorite franchise still has resources. A huge novelty has just come to the fore, a first in nearly 10 years.


Diablo 4 is on everyone’s lips and is a hit all over the world. The Blizzard juggernaut will host its season 1 on July 20 and should certainly see its number of active players increase further in the weeks and months to come. Diablo is a franchise that has been going on for a while now, initially considered a niche game, the license quickly established itself in the landscape as a real must-have, even if not everyone agrees.

A completely new novelty for the license, a first in 10 years

After years of existence, the series has therefore reached its fourth episode, and even if it is certainly one of the biggest expectations of the year 2023, Diablo 4 does not reinvent the wheel and only makes a few modifications to a recipe that is still as effective as ever. We like it or not, it depends. No, against all odds, you have to look for new things on the side of Diablo Immortal, the ugly duckling released a year before D4 and which triggered a tsunami of controversy when it was released.

Described as “pay-to-win”, the game was clearly not unanimous when it was released and even now it remains strongly criticized. However, this does not prevent it from being a hit and above all from evolving. Moreover, today, the game welcomes a huge novelty that marks the history of the license: a brand new class. Something that hadn’t happened in almost 10 years in the franchise Diablosince you have to go back to the release of Diablo 3 to have something new at this level.


A new class in Diablo Immortal

Following the last big patch of this month of July 2023, it is therefore the Knights of the Blood class that has been added to the original roster. A category of heroes never seen before that offers unique gameplay. It is said that the Knights of Blood are cursed and are doomed to fight the creatures of Sanctuary. A class very close to vampires according to its creators.
As the class name suggests, Blood Knights swear by hemoglobin. In particular, they can use their own blood to strengthen their attacks, heal themselves or transform it into a projectile to do damage. And when the magic fails, these Knights charge into the fray armed with polearms. A versatile and brutal class.

This unique addition to Diablo Immortal now lets players dream of Diablo 4. We already know that big DLCs are planned for the game and that each season will bring its share of new features. New classes should definitely join those already available in the base game as well. A little Blood Knight to fight Lilith and her minions maybe?