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Diablo Immortal arguably has a “real” cap on experience points: player shows he’s getting 0%

Can you actually play too much Diablo? In the case of Diablo Immortal, that seems to be the case. A player now wants to have found the limit from which he can effectively no longer continue. At least not if he still wants to level up.

What is this border? There are many ways to level up fast in Diablo Immortal. However, the so-called server paragon determines how fast you really are. The feature serves as a kind of catch-up mechanic:

  • those who play under the server paragon will receive up to 400% more experience
  • if you play over it, you will receive correspondingly less experience
  • the server paragon increases by 2 every day

But now a player has shared a picture of his character on reddit, which is 16 levels above the current server paragon and is said to receive 0% experience. So he can effectively no longer level.

In our video we tell you what you need to know about Diablo Immortal – in 3 minutes:

Everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal in 3 minutes

Does this limit really exist? Whether the information is actually correct or whether the picture is a fake, we cannot confirm at this point in time. However, we asked Blizzard if there really is such a thing as an XP cap.

Players have previously found that there are certain loot limits in Diablo Immortal, although some are still controversial. If both are true, then it would mean that after a certain point you can no longer make any progress.

However, the effort involved is so high that the vast majority of players will probably never get that far. The player receives appropriate recognition for his achievement in getting this far.

Some users even reacted to the news with humor, saying that the game forces you to get some fresh air or that this is a built-in “Touch Grass” mechanic.

Mechanics limit progress in Diablo Immortal

Away from the alleged technical limits for loot and experience, players are currently encountering other problems. For example, many have been stuck jumping from Hell 2 to Hell 3 for a while.

The big problem here is the combat rating, which serves as a skill cap for the players. The further your combat rating is below the requirement, the less damage you deal and the more you receive.

However, it will also be correspondingly difficult to progress further, because better loot is only available at higher levels of hell. That’s why casual players in particular are always faced with a certain wall when it comes to progress.

Diablo Immortal apparently has a very crazy target group: fathers of young children

A major shortcoming is currently the troops, to which opportunities to obtain legendary gems are tied. The troops, fixed groups of 8 players, have been under criticism for a long time. Many players would rather have a bigger focus on the clans.

In the video we tell you exactly how the legendary gems work:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

The biggest problem, however, is the group requirement for dungeons at Hell levels. From Hell 1 onwards, dungeons can no longer be done solo, you always need a group. And the further the players fan out across the different levels of Hell, the fewer group members are available for each level:

Ancient system blocks progress in Diablo Immortal – players wish they could do more alone

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