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Diablo Immortal: Devastating Area Damage Wizard Build – Abilities, Attributes, Gear

Diablo Immortal’s Wizard is a class that can control disastrous elements and unleash them on their opponents. MeinMMO shows you a strong build with all the important building blocks: skills, attributes and equipment.

Diablo Immortal is all about optimizing your build with better gear. But in order to prove yourself, you not only need strong equipment, but also the right skills in your loadout. We will show you the following things so that you can prepare your magician well:

  • attributes
  • Skills & Rotation
  • Legendary gear
  • Best set
  • gems

At a later date, there will be a class change feature. You can watch all 6 classes with gameplay in our video:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

Diablo Immortal: Wizard Build

What class is this? The Wizard class is known for magic. She fights solely with a staff and spells, allowing her to destroy many enemies at once. With elemental synergies, the mage can create versatile attacks.

Fire storms or even laser beams that a group of monsters can disperse at once are the characteristics of the sorcerer. With the right suits you support your teammates and keep many opponents at bay.

You can use your magic to teleport to a safe distance, dealing damage to your enemies from afar. But since you are mainly dependent on your skills, you have to proceed strategically, because the magician’s cooldowns are associated with a long waiting time.

  • Excellent crowd control
  • Strong area damage
  • Cool synergies that boost your skills
  • Very mobile
  • Close and long-distance combat possible
  • little life
  • Skill combos are necessary
  • Hardly any supporter skills
  • Requires Skillshot Aim

If you’re still unsure which class suits you best, check out our Diablo Immortal class tier list.

Wizard Build: Key Attributes

Here you will find the most important attributes for your equipment in the ranking:

  1. Intelligence – Increases damage
  2. Tenacity – Increases armor penetration and armor
  3. Vitality – Brings you more life
  4. Willpower – Increases potential and resistance
  5. Strength – Brings no bonuses to the caster
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For weapons and off-hand you should choose the maximum damage and only then pay attention to the attributes.


Wizard Build: Abilities and Rotation

The following 4 skills give you the most damage with the build. However, keep in mind that most abilities are also modified by Legendary Equipment:

  • meteor
  • Arcane Wind
  • disintegration
  • Magic Missile (Primary Attack)
  • teleport

Rotation: Use the meteor on the boss or enemy group. If the monsters are burning, send the Arcane Wind next. This causes a firestorm that deals 50% more damage to your opponent.

You can then use the disintegration skill. This weakens your targeted enemy by 10%, allowing your teammates to deal more damage.

If you’re a solo player, you can equip the Black Hole skill instead. This ensures that you can pull all targeted opponents at one point.


Should your skills just fade away, you can entertain your opponents from a distance thanks to the teleportation and your magic projectiles.

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Wizard Build: Legendary gear

For the 6 slots with Legendary Equipment, the following items bring you big bonuses for the build:

  • Weapon: Wind Shaper
    • Arcane Wind now creates a tornado that follows enemies, continuously damaging all enemies in its path.
    • Arcane Wind damage increased by 10%. (Awakened)
  • By-weapon: Unrepentant Gale
    • Maximum number of Arcane Wind charges increased by 1.
    • Arcane Wind damage increased by 10%. (Awakened)
  • Head: Lyan’s resounding wisdom
    • Teleport now creates a cloud of lightning at the target location, dealing 555 damage over 2.5 seconds to all nearby enemies.
    • Teleport damage increased by 10%. (Awakened)
  • Armor: Cloths of the Starcaller
    • Meteor radius increased by 20%.
    • Meteor damage increased by 10%. (Awakened)
  • Shoulder: Arcane Enhancer
    • Disintegration fires a more powerful beam after a short delay.
    • Disintegration damage increased by 10%. (Awakened)
  • Pants: Pants of the Storm Bringer
    • Arcane Wind damage increased by 10%.
    • Arcane Wind cooldown reduced by 10%. (Awakened)
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Wizard Build: The best location set

For the wizard, you should use a combination of two sets.

  • Set Bonuses: Imbued Issatar
    • Set of 2: Each time you defeat an enemy, you gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds.
    • Set of 4: Whenever your movement speed increases by 5%, you deal 2.5% increased damage, up to a maximum of 25%.
  • Set Bonuses: Perfect wind speed
    • Set of 2: Gain Thousand Winds, increasing your movement speed by 15%. Thousand Winds is deactivated for 3 seconds when you take damage.

The set parts each have their own dungeon where you can grind them:

  • Neck: Resting Issatar
    • Source: Mad King’s Breach / Hell II+
  • Finger I: Beautiful Flute
    • Source: Mad King’s Breach / Hell IV+
  • Finger II: Lazy Fleet
    • Source: Pit of Torment / Hell IV+
  • Hands: Issatar’s open hand
    • Source: Forgotten Tower / Hell II+
  • Hip: Issatar under control
    • Source: Tomb of Fahir / Hell I+
  • Feet: Issatar the Thug
    • Source: Destruction’s End / Hell I+

All set items in Diablo Immortal with drop list – how you farm them, what they can

Wizard Build: Normal and Legendary Gems

The Normal Gem ranking for this Necromancer build is as follows:

  • Blue slot: Sapphire better than aquamarine
    • Armor penetration is better than armor
  • Red slot: Tourmaline better than ruby
    • Damage is better than life
  • Yellow slot: Citrine better than topaz
    • Decrease resistance better than gain resistance
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Incidentally, the hiding hoards are suitable for specifically farming normal gems:


Diablo Immortal: Find Hidden Hoard – All possible locations in the areas

The best 1 and 2 star Legendary Gems to build by power can be found here.

  1. Eye of the Slayer
    • Boosts your overall damage
  2. Bloody Influence
    • Increases damage at range
  3. Fervent Fang
    • Enemies take more damage after being hit
  4. lightning core
    • Causes damage to your opponents
  5. Ca’arsen’s Empowerment
    • Attack Speed ​​Primary Attack
  6. endless agony
    • Deals a large amount of damage to your opponents over time after landing a crit attack

The best ?/5-star Legendary gems to build by power are here:

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade
    • More damage and movement speed – Damage bonuses go down when health is low
  2. Dripping bile
    • Attacks can poison, poison spreads
  3. Petrified Flesh Shard
    • Loss of Control effects apply Explosive Curse to enemies
  4. Call of the Howler
    • Primary attack can summon wolf
  5. echoing shadow
    • Attacks can create Shadow Clone that uses your abilities
  6. Zwenson’s spook
    • Defeated enemies summon dark beast that attacks once

You get the Legendary Gems from Elder Portals with Legendary or Rare Emblems. They can also be bought from the market for platinum and crafted with a random probability for runes.

With this build, you can sear your enemies from a safe distance while supporting your teammates. So if you’re looking for an agile class with cool synergies, you’ve come to the right place with the magician.


If you have your own build tips for the caster or see room for improvement, please leave us a comment on the topic.

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