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Diablo Immortal expert says: “You’re already destroying Diablo 4 before the release”

Diablo 4 will enter Open Beta soon. Before the release, an expert on YouTube is annoyed by the discussion about the game. There are too many unfounded opinions here.

Who is the expert?

  • DM: Diablo Immortal (short for: “Darth Microtransaction”) is one of the biggest YouTubers on Diablo Immortal. His channel has over 71,600 subscribers.
  • He is best known for his in-depth expertise in mobile ARPG mechanics and his openness. For example, he analyzed whether it was worth spending €3,000 in Diablo Immortal.
  • Now DM is preparing for Diablo 4, has played the beta and is complaining about the attitude of many fans. They destroy the game themselves, as he says.

DM says: The YouTuber criticizes the attitude of many Diablo fans and gamers in general. At the moment it is hardly possible to talk properly about new releases in any way without starting a fight right away.

Using Diablo 4 as an example, he explains: There are only two sides left. You’re either totally for something, or totally against. Fans are so hungry for a new game that they adore this one:

Everyone is super polarized. It’s almost a political discussion, like, “Diablo 4 is wonderful. If you say otherwise, you threaten my enthusiasm for the game.” They don’t want anyone else’s opinion. And then you have people saying, “Diablo 4 is the *text muted* and if you’re supporting this game and Blizzard, you’re the problem.”

A lot of things come together there that have nothing to do with the game at all. In particular, the discussion about Blizzard and the sexism scandal from the past occupies too many people. There have even been statements by Jason Schreier about whether Diablo 4 should be boycotted or not.

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“YouTubers like me are half the problem”

Another problem is that many opinions are presented as facts without any basis. For example, there is a discussion as to whether Diablo 4 is Pay2Win, although there is absolutely no evidence that it is – except that Diablo Immortal is the case.

Any information from developers has already confirmed that no item from the shop brings any advantages. The game will be monetized through skins and the high price of release, not through Pay2Win: “There is no Pay2Win in Diablo 4 […] even with Lost Ark the discussion wasn’t that big and the game is Pay2Win as fuck.”

But there are also tons of people who just want to farm views, for example on YouTube. They hype Diablo 4, claiming it will revolutionize the MMO genre, even though they’ve never played it themselves. There is only gameplay from the press.


Maybe a bit ironic, but we also drew conclusions about the Diablo 4 beta. I especially liked the world boss. You can see our take on the video, but remember this is our opinion:

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Many gamers would then only parrot opinions from YouTubers instead of getting a picture of the game themselves. It happens that you tear each other apart just because you’re not playing the best build for a class, which is maybe 3% better, explains DM. And that’s already in the beta.

“We should have fun with video games. And somehow we turned that into being toxic to our own community.” “[…] But distinguishing between what I like and what others are allowed to like is currently impossible in the gaming community.”


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by Christos Tsogos

YouTubers like himself are “literally half the problem”, they are echo chambers and fans with a differentiated opinion are rare. However, one should always form one’s own opinion, not just repeat what others say, emphasizes DM. This also applies to its content: “I am not God and I certainly have different views than other people”.

One of the streamers whose voice is trusted by many is Asmongold:

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