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Diablo Immortal: Find Hidden Hoard – All possible locations in the areas

Diablo Immortal offers a variety of activities to choose from that players can use to farm loot. These activities include the Hidden Hoards. But what is it and where can I find it? MeinMMO tells you in the guide.

What is a Hidden Hoard? In Diablo Immortal you can discover small, hidden caves, upon completion of which you will receive loot. These lairs are called Hidden Lair and are sort of like small event dungeons that can appear in different locations in the zones.


At the end of each hoard there is a boss waiting and the rewards are normal gems.

MeinMMO shows you maps with possible locations of the Hidden Hoards and further background information on the random dungeons.

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Diablo Immortal: Hidden Hoards – Locations with Maps

The maps of the areas with the marked locations of a Hidden Hoard: In the gallery below you can see the maps of each area of ​​Sanctuary, with markings of places where a hidden hoard may be:

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Notification indicates Hidden Hoard

How do I find the hidden hoards? When you approach a hidden hoard, the message “A hidden hoard has appeared in the area” will appear on your screen. The message lets you know that you can now find such a hoard in the area you are currently crossing. To find him, you must roam the area and try to find the hoard.

On top of that, an icon is displayed on the minimap when you are near a hoard. This marks the entrance to a Hidden Hoard.

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You can recognize the entrance itself by its design. For example, you may see a blue glow at a location. This is to be understood as a reference to an entrance to a hidden hoard.

You can also examine the entrance if you move the mouse pointer over it and quickly realize that something special is waiting for you at this point.

Where can Hidden Hoards spawn? A hidden hoard will appear at a set location. However, because there are a variety of these possible fixed locations, the location where a Hidden Hoard spawns isn’t always the same.


For example, there are 9 different locations in the Dark Forest where a Hidden Hoard can be. So if you have received the message that a hidden hoard is nearby, you will have to run through the locations where the hoard can appear.

Hidden Hoards cannot appear in the Westmark and Wortham areas. Here you can see a list of the areas in which the small loot adventures are currently appearing (as of June 7th, 2022).

  • Ashwold Cemetery
  • Dark Wood
  • Sea of ​​Shassar
  • Zoltun Kulls Archiv (Library of Zoltun Kulle)
  • bilefen
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Why should I play Hidden Hoard? A Hidden Hoard is a quick way for you to grab loot and rewards. But only if you happen to come across a hoard. The targeted play of the Hidden Hoard is rarely worthwhile.


The small dungeons are a safe source of normal gems and also throw off a lot of experience points. However, they are often difficult to find.

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