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Diablo IV beta suffered from connection issues during the first day

Blizzard has acknowledged the long queue times players have been facing when attempting to play this weekend’s Diablo IV beta.

The beta, which is open this weekend to pre-ordered players and next weekend to everyone, opened to multi-hour queues for some players.


Players also reported that once they were able to get into the game, crashes and the inability to connect with friends to play together haunted the experience.

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Now, Diablo’s community manager has acknowledged this and thanked players for their patience.


In a post on the Blizzard forums, Adam Fletcher wrote: “The team is working on some behind-the-scenes issues that have been affecting players and causing them to get disconnected from the servers. At the moment, we are managing the rate of players entering the game until we have a full fix for the disconnection issues.”

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Continuous: “We are actively working on these issues for this weekend. Once those are resolved, we will be able to increase player influx and wait times will be significantly reduced.”


Fletcher then provided a list of issues that Blizzard is currently tracking and expects to resolve shortly, these include:

  • Players are sometimes unable to party with other players while in-game.
  • Players who are removed from a game receive an error that their party does not exist.
  • Rubber bands are produced with players during the transition between zones.
    High RAM and GPU usage on select hardware.
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