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Diablo IV: Blizzard has announced an open beta for March

During the second day of Esports ExtrasFanFest, Blizzard Entertainment announced when an open beta of Diablo IV. This news was accompanied by a new cinematic trailer—of the game’s opening video—which revealed that in the gameplay videos Diablo IV we will be able to see our personalized characters.

This video stars one of the characters created by the editor of *text muted* IV.

When will the open beta be Diablo IV?

when does diablo iv come out
When does it come out Diablo IV?

If they can’t wait for it to come out Diablo IV and they wonder when it will be the open beta, do not worry. Since at the end of the trailer that showed the opening video or ‘opening’ of Diablo IV Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the open beta of Diablo IV starts on Friday, March 24 and will run until Sunday, March 26.

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This announcement was made under the framework of Esports ExtrasFanFest.

Additionally, we tell you that if you have already pre-ordered Diablo IV — or have or plan to do so — will be able to access early access to the open beta of the Blizzard Entertainment game. This beta early access Diablo IV It will start a week before, on Friday the 17th and until Sunday the 19th of March.

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According to Joe Shely —director of Diablo IV— told the American media, the open beta of the Blizzard Entertainment game will give us a “meaningful look at the game”. This open beta will show us the prologue and the first act of *text muted* IV, which are developed in the area known as “Fractured Peaks”. Additionally, the director of Diablo IV told Esports Extrasthat players will be able to level up their characters in the beta of Diablo IV up to level 25.

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When does it come out Diablo IV and on what platforms will it be available?

when does diablo iv come out

Diablo IV It will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC from June 6, 2023.

Via: Esports ExtrasFanFest