Diablo IV Review

diablo iv review

Tom Henry

Diablo IV Review

Diablo, Review

Lilith looks for things to be done her way and seeks to prove it. Diablo IV has been in our hands for several days now and in the following paragraphs we are going to save (or try to) Sanctuary.

With five starting classes and well-detailed character creation, we embark on our new adventure to eliminate demons, open chests, and literally destroy everything in sight. Every cinematic, conversation, and combat is burned into my being, not because I’m a fan of the franchise but because of how evolutionary the game looks.

Two beta versions were not necessary to satisfy the Diablo IV thirst of many, since Rise of the Necromancer we had not had anything new about the franchise and after many shocking trailers that filled us with hype we were finally able to get our hands on the final version of the game. game so let me tell you that this doesn’t do anything of judgment to what we tested last month.

It should be noted that this review is completely free of any spoilers in the story and/or any surprises at the end of the game. That being said, let’s get to know the specifications of the PC used to run the game, in advance I comment that the performance is quite exceptional and even more so when it comes to activating DLSS 3:

The game performance is exceptional, without any kind of lag or stagnation. Even in the most intense confrontations the FPS remains stable but one of my main problems is that during the transitions from the cinematics to the normal gameplay you could feel a slight change in the behavior of the game that was later fixed. In this part the most serious problem (in terms of running it on a PC) was that, after everything else it was excellent.

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The graphical level of the game is impressive along with quite detailed art level desEsports Extrasthat makes our eyes fall in love with every scene in the game. The evolution from its predecessor is real and Diablo IV is the improvement we needed no matter how long we had to wait (luckily this one is over).

This type of game is both horizontal and vertical and it can be seen how each of these scenarios, dungeons and light caves were different each one in terms of the area that was visited. I must admit that the development of the game is well thought out as we feel monotony coming over us, even when we really know that we are probably repeating the same pattern over and over again.

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Throughout the world many will already know that we can find hidden places, map events and many secondary activities without the need to go directly to the point. The hours of play in Diablo IV are quite a few and in my case it took me about 38 hours to finish the story, but let it be noted that I speak linearly. I did not visit every corner as I should, I did not prepare my character as I had planned to do, which means that we are facing a long game if we get carried away with doing everything on the map.

Diablo III is a versatile game since there are different ways to experience it with the same character. Your gameplay can be adapted in any way, each character has an extensive and well-detailed skill tree that also evolves a lot from its predecessor, giving us vast learning throughout our journey. You have to read a lot and although unfortunately we cannot preview these attacks, it is well explained in the text what it can do to your enemy even when you improve it.

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Character inventory management is typical of any Diablo game, from seeing the character and looting, looting and looting more to improving the character, buying and selling these helps a lot. In addition to the fact that if we want to sell everything, this part is also welcome. As many of you will have seen in the beta, we can also acquire certain types of elements that will help us craft, level up and create additional positions/improvements throughout all our daring for

In the same way, the management of gems and equipment improvements are present from day one. They are game experiences that are increasing and although I played a lot, I did not find that loot easy to get, but rather I found great confrontations since placing the world in Tier II (Level 2) is like playing it at an expert level, which It makes the experience totally different, it allows you to handle yourself more cautiously and no matter how high a level you have, you don’t feel so powerful.

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Since Diablo III we understood something, the best story of all time has been this and although Diablo IV is the next installment, what we actually have is a prequel that (without spoilers) I think could be a little better. With this I am not saying that the story was bad but to surpass its predecessor a better job in general should have been done. Yes, we are not facing the same monotony of the game but we do have a great variety in this sense, apart from the fact that we have events throughout the map.

Boasting such an impressive narrative is something that should have been put to better use. The voices and even the performances are quite sublime. It is an immersive game in that sense, only when you want to connect with it it takes you a long time to feel the same feeling again since so many confrontations make you lose consciousness a bit. Diablo IV has a great way of telling its story in style but for many it probably isn’t quite enough.

Leveling up in the game is traditional, opening every chest and looting literally everything is a habit for any Diablo player. The map is full of secrets and exploration is quite friendly in that regard. Finding Legendary gear isn’t as easy as many think and the frequency of receiving it was fairly even for me.

The game is quite enriched with quite impressive and well-crafted settings. It is worth stopping for a moment and appreciating what many years of development have given us, I really have no regrets for so much delay and wait. The reality is that Diablo IV is a game illustrated in a bloody way, showing the suffering in each place that is visited and although many may find it very little cultural due to the religious theme, others find it truly exquisite.

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In video games everyone appreciates what they want, to the extent they want. The soundtrack of the game is sublime in some cases but you can feel like the music wants to immerse you but in my case something was always throwing me out of tune. The sound of the effects while you eliminate an enemy is quite detailed and very, very realistic, only I was forced to reduce the music a bit to appreciate a little more the interesting narrative that the game has.

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At the start of our game we have at our disposal (for now) 5 different classes: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer and Druid. Each of these classes with a different fighting style promise to give us the most experience possible, taking into account that many will have more than one character created. The creation of the character is so to speak good, there is nothing outstanding at all but the most striking are the tattoos that depending on the clothing that your character wears will stand out even more.

In conclusion

Diablo IV is the game that many of us have been waiting for a long time, all the content that the game offers guarantees us long hours of play, whether alone or with friends. The cinematics give us a special touch to all this that is happening although for those who are new to the game they might be a little confused. All diablo lore is enriched by this story, only it is not as surprising or as interesting as it seems.

The classes are very well balanced and each one has an extensive skill tree that will make us create the subclass we want, however we want. Aesthetics, inventory management and above all crafting are the things that make Diablo IV one of the best in this field. The setting and level desEsports Extrasmake our experience one of the most immersive, but the soundtrack is not ideal.

Our odyssey in Sanctuary was quite good, with excellent performance thanks to NVIDIA DLSS 3 and it cannot be ignored that our job is to destroy everyone on enemy ground. Lilith has a plan but that’s what we are for, to lottery and kill any enemy that is in our path. This review was made thanks to a copy of the game provided by Blizzard.

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