Diablo IV’s big problem for players is getting worse and worse

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diablo iv's big problem for players is getting worse and

The Diablo IV crossplay option message is becoming unbearable for players as its frequency is starting to get frustrating.

Diablo IV's big problem for players is getting worse and worse

Blizzard It is working on everything that includes season 1 of the proposal and the date on which the premiere of season 2 of the game would take place could already have been announced. Thus, the company continues to seek to improve the formula so that the experience is as pleasant as possible for all the players who approach the proposal. However, there are some bugs that need to be fixed that are causing some concern in the community, though one of them is beginning to drive most players desperate.

This is an issue that has been previously reported to Blizzard but remains unresolved. We talk about message about Diablo IV cross-platform play, which appears regularly in the lower right area of ​​the screen while you are enjoying the game. The main problem is that it is becoming a torture before its constant appearance, every few seconds, something that is generating the despair of many of the players. In addition, several of them are notifying that causes slowdowns in the gamewhich is an issue that Blizzard should fix as soon as possible.

Is it just me or is this getting worse?
byu/Dadiot_007 indiablo4

Therefore, it will be necessary to see if the company decides to count this problem as one of the priorities for the next updates of Diablo IV, as it is causing some frustration among the community.

Diablo IV breaks the record for workers in a video game

There is no doubt that Diablo IV is one of the most ambitious games todayso it is not surprising that it is being one of the great sensations of 2023. Beyond all the hours of fun that it is bringing to the players, Blizzard has managed to establish a new record in relation to all the workers that have been part of it. of the project. A total of 9166 employees have worked on Diablo IVas reflected in the title credits, establishing the largest number of people involved in a game to date.

Thus, although there are many bugs to be resolved and things to polish, Diablo IV is calling to be one of the greatest references of the current generation of consoles, something that certifies its beginning as the biggest release in Blizzard history.

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