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Diablo 4 Expert Reveals “Crazy” Lightning Sphere Wizard Build



Popular Diablo 4 content creator Rob2628 has introduced a new build of Lightning Sphere Sorcerer capable of annihilating anything in its path with near-immediate cooldowns.

In Diablo 4, Wizards are known as masters of the elements. Using this class, players can craft builds that deal high damage.

The class remained balanced in terms of damage and survival after the first season. However, they can't match the Barbarians' damage in the Season of Assemblies.

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And yet, the Diablo 4 content creator Rob2628 introduced a new Lightning Sphere Sorcerer build that can literally decimate mobs without any difficulty in Season 3. During the stream, he called the build ” mad “.

Bouncing Lightning Sphere Wizard Build in Diablo 4 Season 3

The main feature of this Lightning Sphere Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 is Unique Staff of Eternal Rage. This staff multiplies the number of lightning spheres you throw by 3, giving it a bouncing effect, as mentioned in the name.

As for the other Uniques in this Diablo 4 build, you must use the following:

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  • Helmet : Harlequin Crest
  • Breastplate : Habit of the Infinite
  • Gloves : Gloves of the Illuminator
  • Leggings : Will of Tibault
  • Boots : Not wobbly
  • Ring : Ring of Starless Sky
  • Companion Seneschal's Control Stones :
    • Storm
    • Adrenaline rush

This Diablo 4 Lightning Sphere Sorcerer build focuses primarily on Uniques. Its configuration ensures that you will get instant cooldowns in areas with high enemy density.

Regarding this build, the skill selection remains identical to that of a traditional Lightning Sphere Sorcerer build. The same goes for the Paragon Plateaus.

Also, even if you enter enemy weak zones, you will still get good cooldowns. However, they will not be instantaneous. The whole build is very fast and is suitable for activities like Vaults, where speed matters.

There is also a good chance that this build will become popular once the Tournament launches. The activity has leaderboards associated with it, and based on everything that was shown in the video, there's a good chance that Wizards using the Lightning Sphere build in Diablo 4 are also on this leaderboard.

Considering Barbarians have stolen the show since this season of Diablo 4, this new build of Lightning Sphere Sorcerer will be a gameplay change that many might appreciate.

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