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Diablo 4 Player Figures Out How to Upgrade Nightmare Vaults and Players Love it



Diablo 4 players appreciate a fan-proposed solution to the Nightmare Vaults issue.

Diablo 4 has been one of the most played ARPG games recently. It has just entered its third season after a successful Season 2. Even though Season 3 was one of the most hated updates at launch, the developers quickly regained favor with fans with fixes.

Now that issues including Seneschal Constructs have been resolved in Diablo 4, players have shifted their attention to other aspects of the game. And one of the most requested fixes concerns Nightmare Vaults (CoC).

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A Diablo 4 player offers a solution to improve the Nightmare Vaults

On Reddit, user u/_purza proposed a solution, inspired by the Atlas Tree from Path of Exile. The latter could potentially resolve CoC paths in Diablo 4. Path of Exile was one of Diablo 4's biggest competitors and many Diablo 4 fans also enjoy this game.

The player suggested a “ Passive Tree » for the Nightmare Vaults in Diablo 4 where the player “ would gain 1 for every 5 CdC levels completed “. This means that players would have 20 tiers to spend their points on, and this would be via the Passive Tree, granting them bonuses for their journey through the Nightmare Vaults.

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Other Diablo 4 players are very happy with this solution. One of them said sarcastically: “ It makes sense, why would a company worth billions do something that gamers would actually enjoy “. Others loved how the player “ simplified the entire complex atlas tree to the simplicity of Diablo “.

However, some players have sarcastically claimed that Diablo 3 added the Altar of Rites, similar to the poster's idea. They still recalled that this “ took like 12 years » for developers to include.

Although CoC has received negative feedback from the community, Blizzard has yet to address this issue. With so many people liking the idea of ​​the Nightmare Vaults poster, there is hope. Who knows, the developers might take action in future Diablo 4 patches.

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